Postal worker and Project Veritas falsely claimed fraud, gave Graham, Barr fuel for ‘investigations’

first_imgWhether that actually was part of the Trump campaign’s fraudulent call for voter fraud or just people who don’t understand how elections work is unknown. But knowing how Republicans love to commit voter fraud, you’ve got to wonder. – Advertisement – That Graham and Barr are using O’Keefe to call the results into question in Pennsylvania is so Trumpy it’s disgusting. And completely predictable. When it comes down to the whether there was any actual fraud in Pennsylvania, though, and when lawyers are facing a judge, in court, the fraud claims melt. When it comes to real legal jeopardy of lying about voter fraud—interfering in an election, which is a crime—these people fold.There’s another bit of fraud by the Trump campaign, though, that could be happening. Remember how the Trump campaign in Wisconsin was recruiting volunteers to call Pennsylvania Republicans to get them to send in ballots after the election? Illegally? Well, thousands of ballots were received in post offices Monday, which “included hundreds meant for closely fought contests in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona.” More than 400 were received in Pennsylvania. None of them will count. Pennsylvania is the only state among the aforementioned ones that had an extended deadline for receiving ballots, but the deadline was this past Friday.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Bicycle Lanes at Standstill As Two River Mayors and County Fail…

first_imgArea mayors continue to advocate for a designated bike lane along county roads through much of the Two River area. County freeholders, however, would like the responsibility and cost shouldered by the municipalities. Photo by Tina ColellaIN NEW JERSEY, only 0.3 percent of people bike to work; others believe it is “too dangerous,” said Cyndi Steiner, Executive Director of the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition.Steiner joined local elected officials and other pedestrian and cycling advocacy groups for a press conference last week in Fair Haven to outline their goals in improving safety for those who share the road with vehicles.It was more evidence of a divide between the Two River Council of Mayors and the Board of Chosen Freeholders over the cost of bicycle paths that would traverse several towns. Neither side wants to bear the brunt of the cost.Without bike lanes, cars drive too close to cyclists or simply do not see them, often speeding past and nearly clipping them, the press conference group agreed. In order to make transportation safer for both drivers and cyclists, Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli seeks to fund bike and safety transportation, which is at the “bottom of the list for funding,” according to Cathleen Lewis, Regional Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations for AAA New Jersey Automobile Club.Lucarelli advocates, with Rumson Mayor John E. Ekdahl, for bike lanes on a number of county roads, such as Rumson Road and Ridge Road, where many cyclists travel.A few other things Lucarelli and safe cycling advocates are looking to do is to include using the funding from the state Transportation Trust Fund to repair sidewalks and other smaller, local projects. Lucarelli has been working with advocacy groups to include cyclist information in driver’s manuals in local schools. The groups are also seeking the passage of the state safe-passing bill that calls for four-foot distance when driving next to cyclists, and to better educate children on bike safety.That bill is currently languishing in the Assembly, according to Janna Chernetz, senior New Jersey policy analysis for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, one of the advocacy groups involved.The AAA Mid-Atlantic is also contributing, offering roadside bicyclist assistance for the first time. As announced by AAA Mid-Atlantic news release, “in the event a bicyclist needs assistance, AAA will be ready to provide the same quality road service that has been offered to motorists for over 110 years.”According to Chernetz, biking improves the economy by saving money, improves health by relieving stress, and improves the environment by reducing congestion. Funding the bike and safety transportation will promote safety for everyone on the road while “increasing the vibrancy of downtown,” Chernetz said.The municipal money is tight, said Lucarelli, and funding would come from local taxpayers.And that’s the rub.Area mayors seeking county support for designated bike lanes through much of the Two River Area were dealt a blow by the freeholders’ recent decision.The freeholders adopted its bicycle facility policy and guidelines, based upon one used in Ocean County, following an April 23 executive session that says the municipalities are responsible for studying and paying for proposed cycling paths.“It’s very frustrating,” responded Rumson Mayor Ekdahl about the dealings with county government and engineering as locals advocate for the designated bike route along county roads.Town engineers would be expected to prepare a plan “showing the design and layout of the bicycle facility” including lane widths, pavement markings and proposed signage along the route, meeting state standards, according to the county’s approved guidelines.Once completed the plan would have to be for warded to the county engineering department for its approval and that of the freeholders. The municipalities “will, at its expense, install or cause to install” the final project requiring the county engineer to sign off on it.County Engineer Joseph Ettore estimated the cost of the project would be approximately $15,000 per mile for striping and signage.Ekdahl and Lucarelli have said recently this was a step back in their attempts to get the multi-town bike route established.Ekdahl said this week he had told freeholders “This is the future,” encouraging people to get out of their cars and bicycle to work, school and for recreation and providing a safe lane for them. “You want to get out ahead of this. You don’t want to be the county that is trying to catch up.”“We’re hoping the freeholders will go back and reevaluate the situation due to the fact that it’s impractical,” Lucarelli said, “because the county roads travel through multiple jurisdictions.“We hope the freeholders will reconsider,” he added.“If local roads will tie in with county roads that’s a good thing,” for cycling safety, said Freeholder Tom Arnone in response to the mayors’ assertions. “But there is a cost, there are issues. There’s a safety issue, cost and logistics. Safety being the most important.”The county oversees and maintains roughly 1,000 lane miles, “And it’s difficult to meet all the local demands,” said Freeholder John P. Curley.Lucarelli and Ekdahl have been spearheading a proposal that would have designated bike lanes, striped and stenciled, that would run along county roads starting at Red Bank’s border and continue east to Sea Bright and continue south to Monmouth Beach, making its way through Oceanport on the border of Long Branch, and making its way back through the towns, toward Red Bank. “It worked out to a nice loop,” Ekdahl said. “It seemed like a great plan.”The concept won the support of the Two River Council of Mayors, an informal coalition of local officials who regularly meet to discuss issues of common interest. And Ekdahl said the mayors saw an opportunity given the county had just re-milled and repaved Rumson Road – with county officials agreeing to not complete the striping just yet – and are planning to work on Ridge Road shortly. Ekdahl and Lucarelli thought this would be the ideal time to start to get the lanes installed.“This just seemed to just pop up,” Curley said.“Our answer to that is we’re only advocating for this because these roads were just paved. We’re not to go back and start doing old roads,” Ekdahl said. “And that should be your policy going for ward,” he said for the freeholders’ benefit.Ekdahl said Rumson would consider paying for some of it. And Lucarelli said he would be willing to take this to his borough council. “That is something that is up for consideration,” he said.However, getting all of the municipalities to offer financial support for a project that is intended for county roads would be difficult. And given the roadwork in the area at this point, “If we can’t make it happen here then it’s not going to happen anywhere else,” Ekdahl said.John Burton can be reached at [email protected] or 732-219-5788.Editors Note: The Two River Times is sponsoring an editorial initiative called Crossroads to find practical and proactive ways to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety throughout the Two River area. Post pictures and comments regarding positive or negative experiences with pedestrian and cycling.last_img read more

Sorry Facebook, This Was A Privacy Bungle! Here’s What You Should’ve Done

first_imgTags:#Facebook#web A week ago Facebook got itself caught up in yet another privacy controversy, when old Wall posts from 2007-09 were automatically converted into Timeline posts. The confusion was that for some people, those old posts seemed private in nature. So it was thought that Facebook had mistakenly turned private messages into Timeline posts. Facebook responded that no, it only converted “older wall posts that had always been visible on the users’ profile pages.” That makes sense, but its users have every right to be angry.The Facebook of 2007-09 is a totally different ballgame to the Facebook of 2012. Here are three of the more obvious reasons why:Your Facebook profile page used to be a “Wall” of messages to and from your friends. Now it is a multimedia-filled “Timeline” of your everyday life.These days we’re accustomed to using lists to segment our friends. We post different things to different lists.Facebook now allows you to post updates publicly, a concept which didn’t exist back in 2009. Related, people you don’t know can now “subscribe” to your public updates.The upshot: while those old Wall posts probably were always visible on a user’s profile page, that’s a very different thing to those posts being visible on today’s Facebook Timeline.Even the concept of a “friend” has changed. In 2008, your entire Facebook network may have been what is now labeled “Close Friends”. In 2012, we also have “Acquaintances” (as the name suggests, people you don’t know very well) and “Subscribers” (people you probably don’t know at all). Not to mention the many custom lists we’re encouraged to create – I have one entitled “Tech Influentials”, for example. These aren’t necessarily friends of mine, but they’re people who I befriended for professional reasons.The point is, being social on Facebook encompasses far more today. Back in 2008, if you posted something on your Wall then it was very likely meant for real-life friends. But nowadays, if you post something to all your Facebook friends, then it will almost certainly be seen by people you don’t know in real life. Some of us have several hundreds of such “friends”. That’s a big change in context.Put another way: in 2007-09, Facebook was an exclusive, private social network. You had no reason to think that would ever change. But change it did, from December 2009 when Facebook suddenly set the new default for status messages as public. Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote on ReadWriteWeb at the time that “this move cuts against the fundamental proposition of Facebook: that your status updates are only visible to those you opt-in to exposing them to.”And that’s the crux of this latest privacy bungle from Facebook. Once again, the company has unilaterally decided to impose a new concept of privacy onto its users. It may be technically correct of Facebook to claim that what you posted to your friends via your Wall in 2008 is equivalent to a Timeline post to your friends in 2012. But for most Facebook users today, a friend in 2012 simply doesn’t mean the same thing as a friend in 2008.So the problem isn’t that Wall posts from 2007-09 “were always public [and] looked like something you might say privately today,” as Gizmodo and other publications are characterizing this.The problem is that Facebook in 2007-09 was actually a private space. Not quasi-private. Not public-but-looked-like-private. In 2008, Facebook was – hard as it may be to fathom nowadays – private.But in 2012, that is no longer the case. So when we have something to say to real-life friends, we either use private messaging or we do a post to a small subset of our friends – our “Close Friends” or a custom list of people (such as “Family”).So this isn’t the fault of Facebook’s users. We knew what we were doing then, when we posted to our Walls. And we know what we’re doing now. The lesson here is that Facebook should have given us the option of selecting the privacy setting for those old Wall posts. Or maybe even made those old posts available to “Close Friends” only, as the default. Then we could adjust if we wished.Facebook’s mistake was that it had no right to assume that our “Friends” of 2007-09 means the same thing as “Friends” in 2012. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Related Posts richard macmanuscenter_img The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

The Dangers of Half Measures

first_imgThe danger in half measures is much bigger than simply losing a deal; you also lose time, the one finite, non-renewable resource you have.There’s this great quote from Lance Armstrong’s cycling coach.If you are going to expend that first big block of effort and energy to participate, you might as well go ahead and give whatever it takes to win. – Johan BruyneelYou’ll have to forgive the fact that Lance Armstrong admitted to cheating. Surely everyone was in on the plan, including his coach, but that doesn’t mean that the lesson in this quote is any less valuable to you or me.If you’re going to go through all of the trouble to engage with the prospective client in the process of changing and potentially buying from you, then there is no reason to take half measures. There is no need to shorten the time that you spend with your prospective client as you engage in this process. There is no reason to try to move through the process at a faster pace than the pace that best serves your prospective client in making a decision, and a decision to choose you.The idea of engaging in the sales process with your dream client is about helping them make a buying decision and a preference for you, your company, and your solution.What Are Half MeasuresHalf-measures include rushing through the discovery process to give your prospective client a proposal. Even if they want the proposal, if it’s premature, then you are taking a half measure by giving it to them. Do the work.It’s a half-measure to provide a proposal and presentation without having already vetted it with a prospective client to determine whether it’s a perfect fit and meets all of their needs.Half-measures include having a meeting to uncover your potential customer’s needs and leaving that meeting without an agreed-upon next step that you will take together.Half-measures also include having only product knowledge and lacking the business acumen and experience to create real value as a consultative salesperson and trusted advisor. Walking in as a talking brochure only sharing features and benefits is a half measure.Half-measures entail dealing with the single stakeholder when the decision for them is strategic, and you are going to need the support of multiple stakeholders.It’s Your ChoiceIf you’re going to exert the energy to compete, exert enough energy to win.The decision you make about half-measures is a decision about the quality and caliber of your work. If you decide to take half-measures and your prospective client doesn’t know that your “all in,” then they are not going to feel a strong preference for you and your solution.You might believe that going “all in,” requires more effort and energy, but it is still more efficient and more effective than taking half-measures and not producing the outcome at all. There is no way to go back in time and do all the things that would allow you to win—and that you should have done when you had the chance.Look at the prospects in your pipeline. Which ones are you taking half-measures to win? What would it look like to go “all in?” Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Plant trees for juvenile offence, SC tells doctor

first_imgA 32-year-old doctor has been ordered by the Supreme Court to plant 100 trees in the next one year as punishment for attempting to commit murder at the age of 16.Solemen S.K., a doctor practising at Murshidabad in West Bengal, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for the crime. The Calcutta High Court confirmed the sentence.But things took an unexpected turn when Solemen approached the Supreme court saying he was a minor at the time of the incident in August 2004.Intrigued by the doctor’s plea, the Bench of Justices L. Nageswara Rao and Hemant Gupta asked the District and Sessions Judge, Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal on February 25 to check out Solemen’s story.The District Judge confirmed that the doctor was indeed a minor of 16 years seven months and 28 days on the date of the offence. Solemen, the judge’s report said, was born on February 30, 1987. His school records fortify the evidence of his age.The court said the doctor, under the law, would ideally be considered as a “child in conflict of law”, only he is too old to be called that at this age.Again, there is no good in sending the 32-year-old doctor now before a Juvenile Board, as is usual in the case of juvenile offenders.“Instead, we are of the opinion that the ends of justice would be met by directing the petitioner who is now a registered medical practitioner aged 32 years, practising in Murshidabad to perform community service,” the Supreme court suggested.Punishment upheldThe Supreme Court’s suggestion was seconded by the State of Uttar Pradesh, which found the planting of trees as an apt punishment for the doctor.“The learned counsel for the State suggested that this obligation of performing community service could be met with by a direction to the petitioner to plant trees. We accept the suggestion made by the learned counsel for the petitioner and direct the petitioner to plant 100 trees within a period of one year,” the Supreme Court concluded in its five-page order recently.last_img read more

a month agoHaaland Snr breaks silence on Man Utd link for son Erling

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Haaland Snr breaks silence on Man Utd link for son Erlingby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveAlf Inge Haaland would be happy if his son signed for Manchester United.Erling Braut Haaland scored a hat-trick in the first half of RB Salzburg’s 6-2 hammering of Genk on his Champions League debut on Tuesday.Haaland’s dad Alf Inge represented both Leeds and Manchester City – two clubs that consider Man United to be bitter rivals – during his career in football. “It would be nice,” the Norwegian told TV2 when asked about the United interest. “It is important to distinguish between being a supporter and a job.”So I have a very relaxed relationship with that. It’s a little different when it’s serious.”He added: “Yes, I think most players dream of being in the Premier League at one time or another. It’s the league that gets the most attention around, and it has very good quality teams.”There is no doubt the Premier League is attractive to him.” last_img read more

19 days agoJames delighted playing with ex-U9 pal Mount at Chelsea

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say James delighted playing with ex-U9 pal Mount at Chelseaby Paul Vegas19 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveReece James is delighted playing with Mason Mount at Chelsea.Growing up the year group below Mount, the two would often train and play together, a bond that has remained from Under-9s to the Champions League.”I’ve known Mason since he was nine years old so it’s great to be playing with him now in a Champions League game,” James told”It’s a dream come true. When I was nine or 10, he was in the year above but when we played at tournaments, we were in the same [year-born] age group so we’d play together then. We were good friends and we still are now.”It’s fantastic to see the young players coming through together and it just reflects on how good the Academy actually is. Frank helps us a lot, he wants as many young players as possible to play and he’s there to give you opportunities if he feels you deserve it.” last_img read more

Braxton Miller Trolls Jim Harbaugh With Ridiculous Photo

first_imgBraxton Miller running with the football for Ohio State.COLUMBUS, OH – SEPTEMBER 19: Wide receiver Braxton Miller #1 of the Ohio State Buckeyes looks to run the ball in the first quarter against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Ohio Stadium on September 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)Braxton Miller is usually quiet and reserved – and prefers to let his play on the field do the talking. Wednesday, however, he apparently couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get in on the trolling of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh after the Wolverines head coach blasted Ohio State’s AD on Twitter.Miller took to Twitter Wednesday to re-post a ridiculous meme that was put together last offseason after Harbaugh took his shirt off during a satellite camp. Check it out:‘ what a time.. Who made this?— BRAXTON MILLER (@BraxtonMiller5) March 23, 2016Between Ezekiel Elliott, Mike Thomas and now Braxton Miller, it’s clear that Ohio State’s former players have no problem taking shots at their former rival. We’ll see if Harbaugh strikes back.last_img read more

Minster Vaz Calls for More Private-Sector Support in Building Climate Resilience

first_imgMr. Vaz praised private-sector stakeholders who are taking “smart and steady action” to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.“Private-sector companies are finding their footing and taking big leaps, impacting positively on our carbon footprint… among them, providers of renewable energy such as the Jamaica Broilers Group, Solar Buzz Jamaica and GeNNex Elite,” he said.Mr. Vaz urged others to follow suit, and assured that the Government will continue to garner assistance for the private sector in advancing the climate change agenda, through facilities such as the Green Climate Fund’s Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme.He pointed out that in 2017, the Ministry’s Climate Change Division requested readiness support through that programme in order to mobilise private-sector engagement in developing low carbon and climate resilient projects in Jamaica and other CARICOM states.“This idea was to investigate barriers and develop solutions that will leverage private-sector support and then work together at the national and regional levels to develop an action plan for engagement,” Minister Vaz explained.The Green Climate Fund is a unique global platform to respond to climate change by investing in low-emission and climate-resilient development. It is the largest source of international climate finance and was established to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, and to help vulnerable societies adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change.The two-day consultation seeks to further investigate challenges for climate action and highlight best practices and possibilities for innovation, and increase knowledge of available financing options for climate action for MSMEs. Story Highlights More private-sector stakeholders are being encouraged to partner with the Government in executing projects designed to build Jamaica’s climate change resilience.This call comes from Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Daryl Vaz, who said more innovators, investors and private-sector leaders are needed to further advance mitigation efforts.“Partnerships are integral to our success, and so we absolutely cannot [overstate] the important role the private sector can play, as our partners, in reducing our vulnerability to a changing climate and reducing their own carbon footprint,” he said.The Minister was speaking at a micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) consultation on supporting private-sector investment for advancing climate action in Jamaica, at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in St. Andrew on Tuesday (February 12).Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Daryl Vaz, addresses participants at a micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) consultation on supporting private-sector investment for advancing climate action in Jamaica, held at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in St. Andrew on Tuesday (February 12). This call comes from Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Daryl Vaz, who said more innovators, investors and private-sector leaders are needed to further advance mitigation efforts.center_img More private-sector stakeholders are being encouraged to partner with the Government in executing projects designed to build Jamaica’s climate change resilience. “Partnerships are integral to our success, and so we absolutely cannot [overstate] the important role the private sector can play, as our partners, in reducing our vulnerability to a changing climate and reducing their own carbon footprint,” he said.last_img read more

Seven held in AIIMS attack

first_imgDelhi Police nabbed seven persons who were found involved in attacking a family outside AIIMS Trauma Centre on Sunday. The law enforcement agency has also identified a few more people involved in the case. Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Devender Arya said that as soon case came to light they took action and after the proper investigation in the case arrests were made in this regard. Police said that apart from arrests, three-four people have been identified allegedly involved in the incident. “The case is being probed,” said the officer. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder The investigating agency said that on Sunday at about 3 PM a PCR call was received regarding quarrel at Trauma Center. The complainant reported that guards at the gate had injured her husband and assaulted her sister also. In all four members were examined and MLC prepared. On Sunday itself in this regard, a case under appropriate sections was registered at Safdarjung Enclave and five persons were nabbed . The police official said that they took proper action in the case.last_img read more