Dominant Groves easily sees off Johnson

first_imgGeorge Groves kept his Commonwealth super-middleweight title and his unbeaten record by easily beating faded former world champion Glen Johnson on points at the ExCel Arena.The 24-year-old from Hammersmith staggered Johnson in the opening round but the wily Jamaican showed why he has only ever suffered one stoppage defeat, as he absorbed a host of big punches.Johnson had some success with the right hand, which Groves is often open to, but spent much of the fight propped against the ropes as his opponent – 19 years his junior – hammered home heavy shots.Having beaten American superstar Roy Jones in 2004 and faced a number of top other fighters, including Bernard Hopkins and Britain’s world champion Carl Froch, Johnson came to the ring with a ton of experience.But he looked weary and content to do little more than last the distance as Groves eased to his 16th professional victory – and one that keeps him on course for a world title shot.Johnson took a count after being floored in the final seconds, although he appeared to simply lose his footing following a tangle near the ropes.It was given as a knockdown though and while one of the judges scored the bout 119-109, the other two gave it to Groves by a huge margin of 120-107.See also: Groves v Johnson as it happenedSee also:O’Meara suffers defeat in title clash George Groves v Glen Johnson post-fight press conferenceHaye hails Groves after ‘amazing display’ against JohnsonGroves set to fight for European title Groves lining up world title challengeGroves tipped to win world title in 2013Groves v Johnson in 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 Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Evolution as Evil Illusion: How Darwinism Destroys Human Dignity with Illogic

first_imgWith dispassionate nonchalance, Darwinists continue to describe us as glorified apes, and justify every vice. The consequences are not only disastrous, but illogical.Teach children and young people they are evolved apes, and they will act like them. Doesn’t that seem intuitively obvious? Even if one believes it to be true, it would seem good policy to avoid saying it just for the societal consequences involved. But there’s an underlying fallacy to the belief: logically, it brings Darwin’s House of Cards crashing down. We begin by showing some of the things evolutionists have been saying recently about human origins and behavior.Go ahead; swear like a chimpanzee. There are no taboos in Darwinism, because anything goes. Should we teach this to young people? Without shock, outrage or shame, National Geographic calmly endorses swearing openly in an article, “Science Says Swearing Is Good For You.” Notice that it doesn’t say evolution says, or Darwin thought, or leftist materialism says this. It says “Science Says” swearing is good for you. And why is it good for you? Because apes do it. Just ask an evolutionary expert who wrote a book about the ‘science’ of bad language:Swearing is usually regarded as simply lazy language or an abusive lapse in civility. But as Emma Byrne shows in her book, Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, new research reveals that profanity has many positive virtues, from promoting trust and teamwork in the office to increasing our tolerance to pain.When National Geographic caught up with Byrne at her home in London, she explained why humans aren’t the only primates that can curse and why, though women are swearing more today than before, it is still regarded by many as “unfeminine.”Needless to say, human swearing often blasphemes the names of God and Jesus Christ. Byrne thinks nothing of that, comparing it to dung signalling in chimps that indicates ‘dirty’.Go ahead, cheat on your spouse, because jealousy evolved. The breakup of the family, spousal abuse, sexual harassment and unfaithfulness are some of the biggest problems facing society today. Well, here come the Darwinists to pour fuel on the fire. In “What the evolution of jealousy tells us about online infidelity” on The Conversation, Michael Dunn not only justifies it, but glorifies it, all on the basis of evolution:But is jealousy such a bad thing? Psychology professor David Buss compellingly argued that jealousy is a crucial emotion which evolved to help protect against relationship termination. According to Buss, jealousy motivates behaviour to either ensure sexual exclusivity, or to protect offspring against the loss of vital requirements, such as food, and against inclement weather and predators. These would have been critical prerequisites for the survival of our children during our evolutionary past.He calls jealousy “the green eyed monster” in the end, but no amount of backtracking can undo what he said. Readers might actually feel more prone to be unfaithful and cheat, if evolution invented jealousy for good.Image credit: Illustra MediaSelf-control is a chimpy thing. To have self-control, one must first have a sense of self. Two Darwin Party hacks at Georgia State, according to, studied experiments on chimpanzees testing the ability to delay gratification. Some chimps can “learn” to hold off for a bigger reward. That’s interesting, but the Darwin guys apply this to all animal life, making self-control merely an evolved behavior and a function of animal intelligence:“The fact that this link between self-control and intelligence exists in species other than humans may demonstrate an evolutionary basis for the role that willpower plays in general intelligence,” said Beran, lead author of the study. “Future research could clarify whether the relationship also exists in other primates and even non-primate species.”The Apostle Paul called self-control a fruit of the [Holy] Spirit (Galatians 5:22). That indicates something exceptional about the human ability (and need) to control impulses by acts of the will. It also indicates that humans need divine help to bear that kind of good fruit. Darwinians obliterate the distinction between human choice and the behavior of a chimpanzee learning to choose two marshmallows instead of one. This reduces self-control to nothing more than a form of moderated self-gratification that evolved in ape brains long, long ago.Climate change made you what you are. Evolutionary shamans at Columbia University weave a tale of how our ape-like ancestors came out of the trees due to climate change, making us what we are today. They call it “The path to our evolution” at No one dares call this a stupid idea, because Darwinism is sacrosanct to the ‘intelligentsia’ of our culture: the scientists, who alone have the right to explain where we came from. In order to put up an appearance of science, every Darwin Party shaman needs to present some relics. These two used mammal teeth in Africa as divination tools. “The study gives substantial evidence that many human characteristics—such as free-ranging diets, large brains, and running on two legs—emerged due to the spread of open grasslands, which was influenced by climate change.”Modern racist phrenology. If you thought phrenology and skull measurements to determine which races were superior went out of style at the turn of the 20th century, look at Mark Aldenderfer’s article in Science Magazine, America’s premiere science journal. In “Shaping of human brains and behavior,” he preaches that the mere shape of skulls led to what we are.Although brain size at 300,000 years ago falls within the range of that of modern humans, more globular brains only emerged around 40,000 years ago. Combined with evidence from ancient DNA that indicates the fixing of genes critical to early brain development at the origin of the H. sapiens lineage, these findings support models of a more gradual appearance of behavioral modernity.Dr Bergman’s book explains the rise of eugenics from Britain to America to Nazi GermanyWhat does this imply about the humans with less globular brains? Even if they had just as much brain matter, they just were out of it, dude. They weren’t “in” like white Europeans. For a truly disturbing account of the history of Darwinian racism all the way up to the present, including the racist views of David Duke, who turned from religion to Darwinian evolution based on what leading scientists said about differing intelligence in the so-called races, read Jerry Bergman’s well-documented and jarring book, The Darwin Effect.Another recent book, Contested Bones by Rupe and Sanford, debunks the notion that skull shape or brain capacity have anything to do with intelligence or race. The capacity for fitting normal human intelligence and behavior into skulls of different shapes and sizes can be seen in many modern examples. According to Scientific American, the great French writer Anatole France had a brain capacity only 2/3 normal—right in the midrange for so-called ‘Homo erectus‘ (a hodgepodge grouping if there ever was one, as Rupe and Sanford document). Miniature humans can be just as smart as giants, despite having tiny skulls proportional to their short bodies. And some people do just fine with whole sections of their brains missing from developmental disorders or accidents. Only evolutionists are passionately consumed with linking intelligence to brain size and shape, and they’ve been doing it ever since Darwin.Language, just another ape behavior. The habit of Darwinians to claim that language evolved by natural selection from ape gestures is old news. For a recent example, see “Speech, stone tool-making and the evolution of language” by three Darwin Party primates writing in PLoS One. Same theme, new variation:For example, gestural language may have evolved to enable tool-making in earlier hominins, while speech may have later emerged as a response to increased trade and more complex inter- and intra-group interactions in Middle Pleistocene ancestors of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens; or gesture and speech may have evolved in parallel rather than in sequence.This gesture may be a carry-over from the old ape sign language, ‘On the one hand this, on the other hand that, and on the one foot something else.’ Notice that evolved and emerged are used as synonyms in the storytelling game.IQ Test: Why This Is All BunkThe great Christian apologist C. S. Lewis often used the “argument from reason” to pull the rug out from evolution and expose its irrationality. One of the clearest, most incontrovertible explications of this argument can be found in his essay, “The Funeral of a Great Myth” (Christian Reflections, p. 111), written around 1945. The “myth” to which he refers is scientism, the picture of reality assumed by modernists who ascribe everything to natural causes. Basically, he’s talking about evolutionists like those writing in the above articles. What Lewis said over 70 years ago is still pertinent today, because reason is still pertinent to all humans, at all times and places. Here’s Lewis:To reach the positions held by the real scientists — which are then taken over by the Myth —you must — in fact, treat reason as an absolute. But at the same time the Myth asks me to believe that reason is simply the unforeseen and unintended by-product of a mindless process at one stage of its endless and aimless becoming. The content of the Myth thus knocks from under me the only ground on which I could possibly believe the Myth to be true. If my own mind is a product of the irrational — if what seem my clearest reasonings are only the way in which a creature conditioned as I am is bound to feel — how shall I trust my mind when it tells me about Evolution? They say in effect ‘I will prove that what you call a proof is only the result of mental habits which result from heredity which results from bio-chemistry which results from physics.’ But this is the same as saying: ‘I will prove that proofs are irrational’: more succinctly, ‘I will prove that there are no proofs’. The fact that some people of scientific education cannot by any effort be taught to see the difficulty, confirms one’s suspicion that we here touch a radical disease in their whole style of thought. But the man who does see it, is compelled to reject as mythical the cosmology in which most of us were brought up. That it has embedded in it many true particulars I do not doubt: but in its entirety, it simply will not do. Whatever the real universe may turn out to be, it can’t be like that.You may now ignore everything the evolutionists said in the above articles and scientific papers about the origins of human mental powers and behaviors. The IQ Test is understanding why.This quote by Lewis (which, by the way, demonstrates that he was an anti-Darwinist) is worth reading, re-reading, memorizing, and printing out on slips of paper to give to evolutionists and the angry atheists on Twitter and Facebook who spread their vile hatred against God and creationists. Chances are, like Lewis said, and from my own experience, they won’t ‘get’ it. No matter how many times I try to get atheists to see this fundamental flaw in their worldview, they either cannot, or will not, understand the argument. Their minds have constructed an impenetrable shell around their belief in evolution that deflects every cruise missile capable of blowing it to bits. They won’t listen to the argument or even try to understand it. Instead, they sidestep it and do what they prefer doing: shouting out a blast of hot air that responds automatically, “Evolution is a fact!” and “God didn’t do it!” Still, it’s worth a try. It has worked to soften the hardpan in some atheist brains who do see the problem, including Thomas Nagel and others. For the wise and humble, once you ‘get’ Lewis’s argument from reason, it acts like a strong vaccine to forever inoculate you against the tricks of the Darwinian Mythmakers. “Whatever the real universe may turn out to be, it can’t be like that.” And once that realization is internalized, the whole origins debate changes. One must then construct a worldview that starts with absolute reason. Atheistic evolution isn’t one of the contenders.Exercise: Write Lewis’s argument in your own words. Make it your own that you can explain to your peers in ordinary speech. Try it on various people to see if they understand it. Evaluate the comeback arguments of evolutionists, if any, and practice your responses. Hint: if they try to use reason against you, they undermine their own belief that reason evolved, because any argument against the argument from reason is necessarily self-refuting. (Visited 745 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SAP to Launch Google Wave Competitor

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… SAP is preparing to launch a potential rival to Google Wave. The application, code-named Constellation, is described as a “virtual war room” where co-workers can collaborate in real-time with information aggregated from different data sources.The cloud-based tool is now in private beta with the code name 12Sprints. The application is being developed by SAP’s Business Objects division. Constellation demonstrates once again how much effort is being placed on cloud-based collaboration platforms that pull in disparate data sources, stitched together into one lightweight environment. What’s unique is how these environments are almost separate from the legacy IT infrastructure that at times looks almost antiquated compared to its web-based counterparts in the cloud.That’s the opportunity Google sees with Google Wave, as do other competitors such as PBWorks, MindTouch and a number of other companies looking to bask in the shiny lights of the collaborative universe.According to IDG, which received a demo of the technology, Constellation works best with five to thirty users. There will be the capability to publish to a wider audience through wikis, Sharepoint and other platforms.SAP is also working on an on-premise application, but the initial focus is definitely on the cloud. Users will be able to access their enterprise data by tunneling into the app. For example, buying decisions can be more collaborative as purchasing data can be viewed by a group who can then discuss and make decisions.Applications like what we see with Constellation illustrate how important it is becoming for the enterprise to become more transparent with its information. Email is a data trap. But voice calls can be the same way. Platforms like Constellation open information to a far larger community. As part of its offering, SAP will create an application marketplace where developers, for instance, can sell the integrations that they create. Again, SAP’s web-based approach sounds very much like an API integration strategy. SAP maintains they are talking with Google Wave and are eager to see how the products work together.The question will become how SAP’s Constellation will enable developers to pull in all the pieces and how accessible it will be for the average business user.No pricing has been set for Constellation. A free version is planned. Constellation is expected to launch in the first half of next year. alex williams Related Posts IT + Project Management: A Love Affaircenter_img 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Tags:#enterprise#news#Products last_img read more

Are You Being Outworked?

first_imgYou don’t outwork your competitors by working more hours. The number of hours you are “on the clock” is not a measurement of work, unless you do manual labor. You can get to work early and turn the lights on, and stay late and be the last to leave the parking lot and still be outworked and out hustled.The amount of time you spend in your inbox is not a useful measurement of work either. You can work desperately to keep on top of every communication and request and still fall behind on your real work. In fact, time in inbox is an indicator of ineffectiveness. There should be a KPI for time in inbox, and that time should be proof of time mostly wasted.The number of meetings you attend isn’t a useful measurement either. You know that many of the meetings you attend subtract from your real output, with the exception of client meetings. Most of the meetings you attend aren’t held to make a decision, and most are only information sharing, much of the information being better suited for some other format.That fact that you are busy or that you are being paid doesn’t mean that you are working. While you are at work a lot of hours, in the inbox, attending meetings, and taking care of things that are urgent, your competitor is focused big outcomes.The only way to not be outworked is to produce outcomes that are aligned with your highest priorities and your highest goals. A lot of other tasks are necessary, but they aren’t going to move you forward. Not being outworked requires that you do the work that matters, and that you do less of the work that doesn’t.Right now, somewhere, there is someone who is attempting to outwork you. You are the only one who can stop them. Make big choices.last_img read more

Not all South Koreans are happy about unified hockey team

first_imgTyphoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH MOST READ Kim Hye-jin, a 39-year-old music instructor, said that South Korea was repeating an “outdated approach” in using sports diplomacy. She said that the previous unified teams and joint marches between the rivals never paved the way for sustained, meaningful engagement.“We are always repeating meaningless things and North Korea isn’t a country that will change easily,” she said.Plus, she said, a unified team takes away opportunities from South Korean athletes who have been working hard to prepare for the Olympics.Heo Doo-won, a 40-year-old teacher, didn’t care for the reconciliatory gestures at all.“Why are we doing this?” he asked. “We are clearly two different countries and it’s better if things stay that way. I don’t want a unified team or a unification flag. Why can’t we just let the North Koreans march under their own flag?”ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers In this February 10, 2006 photo, Korea’s flag-bearers Bora Lee and Jong-In Lee are carrying a unification flag as they lead their teams into the stadium during the 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Turin, Italy. When athletes of the rival Koreas walked together behind a single flag for the first time since their 1945 division at the start of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, it was a highly emotional event that came on the wave of reconciliation mood following their leaders’ first-ever summit talks. Eighteen years later, the two Koreas are pushing to produce a similar drama during the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics. But they have not generated as much enthusiastic supports as they had both at home and abroad. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta, File)SEOUL, South Korea — South Koreans seem generally happy they’ll see the North Koreans at their Olympics, but aren’t as pleased about sharing a team with them.The agreement between the war-separated rivals to field a unified women’s ice hockey team at February’s Winter Olympics has triggered a debate in South Korea, where there’s no longer strong public clamor for reunification or for using sports to make political statements.ADVERTISEMENT Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Still, many experts think Moon’s government made the right move in jumping at the opportunity to resume contact with North Korea after nearly two years of diplomatic stalemate and animosity.In an annual policy report on Friday, South Korea’s Unification Ministry said it aims to use the Olympics as an opportunity to re-establish regular dialogue with North Korea. The resumption of inter-Korean talks is crucial for the policies of Moon, who wants Seoul in the driver’s seat in international efforts to deal with the North Korean nuclear threat.The Koreas sent joint teams to major international sporting events twice in 1991, and had their athletes march together in the opening and closing ceremonies of several sporting events in the 2000s, including the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics.While the previous moves had little diplomatic impact, similar gestures would carry more meaning in an Olympics held on South Korean soil and amid higher stakes in regional security, said Yongchul Chung, a sports education professor at Seoul’s Sogang University.“Fielding a unified team is very meaningful — the biggest fruit that can come from the Pyeongchang Olympics is a message of peace between the Koreas,” Chung said. “It’s not like the players wouldn’t understand the historic significance of what they are involved in.”But it has become harder to get South Koreans excited for unified teams and joint marches when North Korea’s increasingly aggressive weapons tests and the South’s own evolvement as an economy and society continue to erode the public’s enthusiasm for reunification.In a survey of 1,200 adults released by Seoul National University in October, 53.8 percent of the respondents said they supported the idea of reunification. This represented a steep drop from the 63.8 percent measured in 2007, when the school started the annual survey.“I think it will be emotionally moving to watch the athletes of both Koreas march under the same flag during the opening ceremony as we come from the same nation,” said Oh Ju-yeon, a 46-year-old housewife. “But after the games, there will be bitterness from realizing that nothing’s really going to change.” While the liberal Moon remains a popular president nine months into his term, the controversy over the hockey team factored in his approval rating dipping below 70 percent for the first time in four months, according to a Gallup Korea report on Friday.Many people sympathize with the South Korean athletes who would likely be sacrificing opportunities for the North’s players, who are considered less skilled and experienced. The IOC approved an expanded roster of 35 instead of 22 for the joint team, but only the normal number will be allowed to suit up for each game and three of them must be North Korean.The South Korean team’s Canadian coach, Sarah Murray, has expressed concerns over chemistry.“Adding somebody so close to the Olympics is a little bit dangerous just for team chemistry because the girls have been together for so long,” she said last week.Choi Hyuk, a 40-year-old office worker, blamed the government for failing to properly communicate with the players and for excessively politicizing sports.Choi pointed to the comments of Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon, who was forced to apologize after saying that the South Korean women’s hockey team was out of “medal range” anyway while defending the government’s decision to create the unified team.“South Korea’s elite sports have always been based on nationalism,” Choi said, referring to a decades-long system that rewards Olympic medal winners with lifelong cash payments and exemption from military duties that are mandatory for most able-bodied men.“Isn’t it funny that the same country is now asking athletes to cut back on their playing time and embrace changes that would make them less likely to win?”The reconciliation mood between the Koreas began after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in a New Year’s speech that he was willing to send a delegation to the Olympics.Some experts view Kim’s overture as an attempt to weaken U.S.-led international sanctions against the North and buy time to further advance his nuclear weapons program. Last year, North Korea carried out its sixth and biggest nuclear test and test-fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles. It has shown no willingness to give up its ambitions. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PHcenter_img Maharlika basketball league tips off Thursday with 10 teams at Big Dome Read Next View comments 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles01:35U.S. urges Japan, South Korea to share intel02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who views the Pyeongchang Games as an opportunity to improve relations following a year of tension over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, said the unified team would provide a “historically grand moment” once it appears on ice.Other reconciliatory gestures the Koreas have agreed to for the Olympics include a joint march under a blue-and-white “unification” flag during the Feb. 9 opening ceremony and a pair of performances by a visiting North Korean art troupe. The joint march and the unified hockey team were approved Saturday by the International Olympic Committee, which allowed 22 North Korean athletes to take part in the games in exceptional entries given to the North.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutNot all South Koreans are in the mood. There are apparently few objections to the North Korean presence at the Olympics itself, which likely ensures that the country holds off any significant weapons test or other aggressive acts that would risk disrupting the games.Many South Koreans believe their government went too far by pushing athletes into a “political show” that will likely become meaningless once the lull in tensions breaks down after the Olympics.last_img read more

‘Motivated’ Nabong has no axe to grind vs Bolts

first_imgPBA IMAGESFor the first time in a long time, Kelly Nabong is beaming.And he has every reason to do so. After all, he’s playing the best basketball in his six-year professional career.ADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa TY Tang to make comeback with Go For Gold Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises Nabong was one of the reasons why the Batang Pier got the headstart over the Bolts. He connected on his first three shots as his side slowly built a 20-point lead, 36-16, in the second quarter that ballooned to as high as 29, 94-65, late in the game.Nabong cleared he doesn’t have an axe to grind against his former teammates, sharing that up to now, he shares a good relationship with a bunch of them despite being cut in the offseason.“I talk to all the players. I have no problems with the players. They’re all great guys over there, we still talk to this day,” he said. “It’s been water under the bridge the day after it happened. No hard feelings to nobody.”Nabong reiterated that he has moved on and would rather focus on his current run with the Batang Pier in the 2018 PBA Philippine Cup.“Everything happens for a reason. I’m just blessed to get another chance to play basketball with my other former team, GlobalPort, and I’m just really blessed to still be here. We’re really glad we got this win, but one win doesn’t stop here. We’re trying to get to the top,” he said.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIEScenter_img Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding MOST READ Manila police chief: Cops tolerating illegal street vendors to get ax PLAY LIST 01:22Manila police chief: Cops tolerating illegal street vendors to get ax02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd02:14Lumad school backers vow to fight legal battle vs DepEd closure order01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Read Next On Sunday, Nabong had one of his most impressive games for GlobalPort in a 107-88 win over his former team Meralco.“There’s always motivation playing against your former teammates and your former coach,” he said after posting 17 points and 17 rebounds.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutBut the 29-year-old doesn’t want to put too much color in the tussle with winning as his only focus.“It was just like any other game. We always come into a game wanting to blow our opponents out. We always want to come in and make that a sure win. We don’t want to leave room for comebacks,” he said. “Meralco is a good team, don’t get me wrong. We just played better and it feels good to win against them.” View comments Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. last_img read more

Ander Herrera vows to keep proving his worth to Jose Mourinho

first_imgManchester United’s Ander Herrera is having the most consistent season of his three-year spell in England, but he is still losing sleep because he feels his position may be threatened if the club strengthen their midfield after the current campaign.The Spaniard, who joined United from Athletic Bilbao in 2014, has made 42 appearances so far this season, one more than in the whole of last season. Herrera could feature in another 11 games if United make it to the Europa League final.Herrera set up Marcus Rashford’s opening goal in Sunday’s 2-0 Premier League win over leaders Chelsea and scored the second, while also man-marking Eden Hazard throughout the game in one of his most eye-catching performances in a United shirt.”I have to keep working, performing and giving what the manager wants me to give,” the 27-year-old told the club’s website. ( “We have great players and Manchester United has the capacity to sign big players, so I cannot sleep.”United broke the world transfer record when they signed Paul Pogba from Juventus in August and manager Jose Mourinho is likely to continue revamping the squad when the transfer window opens in July.Herrera has emerged as a key player under Mourinho, starting 23 of the United’s 31 league fixtures so far this season compared with last season’s 17 starts under Louis van Gaal.”I am very thankful to him (Mourinho). This season has been the most regular one for me at the club and that is with Mourinho on the bench,” he said.advertisement”I am very happy. He gave me, from the first day, a lot of confidence and he told me I was going to be an important player for him.”United host Anderlecht in the Europa League quarter-final second leg on Thursday.last_img read more

8 days agoMan Utd boss Solskajer expects to buy again in January

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd boss Solskajer expects to buy again in Januaryby Paul Vegas8 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskajer expects to buy again in January.United currently sit 12th in the Premier League table, just two points above the relegation zone and 15 adrift of league leaders Liverpool ahead of Sunday’s clash with their fierce rivals at Old Trafford.The club’s hierarchy and recruitment under executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has come in for severe criticism since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, but Solskjaer has described that as “an insult” as he looks to the future.”I’ve got a three-year contract now so of course (we are) planning long-term,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports. “If you lose a game you don’t wait for a call to be given assurances but we have started out a plan and a recruitment plan is in place.”I am 100 per cent sure from my time here that the structure is right because it’s always the manager that has the final say.”I know people have said stuff about our recruitment but it’s almost like an insult to the recruitment office, the scouts and us as professionals – me and Mick (Phelan), the staff. We make decisions on the players we want to have and who’s available and then it’s the negotiations.”The money is there to strengthen in January, in the summer, and we are planning, we are looking, we are finding our targets, but just before the transfer window ended no, they weren’t there, the ready-made players.”The resources are there if the right players are available.” last_img read more

Small and Medium Stakeholders Key to Tourism’s Sustainability – Minister Bartlett

first_img He contended that achieving this requires SMTEs being fully leveraged to build sustainable economies in tourism-dependent nations. Story Highlights “Nowhere do we understand this more than here in Jamaica, as a member of the most tourism-dependent region in the world. Here, in the Caribbean, one in five workers is directly or indirectly employed by the sector, while more than 40 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) is directly related to tourism activities,” the Minister further noted. Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says the interests of small and medium tourism enterprises (SMTEs) must be safeguarded to ensure the industry’s sustainability. Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says the interests of small and medium tourism enterprises (SMTEs) must be safeguarded to ensure the industry’s sustainability.He contended that achieving this requires SMTEs being fully leveraged to build sustainable economies in tourism-dependent nations.“Nowhere do we understand this more than here in Jamaica, as a member of the most tourism-dependent region in the world. Here, in the Caribbean, one in five workers is directly or indirectly employed by the sector, while more than 40 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) is directly related to tourism activities,” the Minister further noted.He was speaking at the second United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Global Conference on Jobs and Inclusive Growth: Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, Rose Hall, St. James, on January 29.Mr. Bartlett said SMTEs’ economic survival is increasingly critical against the background of tourism being identified by the United Nations (UN) as key in spurring increased economic benefits to Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries by 2030.This, he added, within the context of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Mr. Bartlett noted tourism’s far-reaching positive impact on other industries, citing that “it is one of the fastest growing and most resilient sectors in the world”.He indicated that the industry accounts for an estimated 10.4 per cent of the global gross domestic product (GDP), one in 10 of 313 million jobs worldwide, and seven per cent of international trade in goods and services, “thereby contributing to economic growth and development in many societies”.He described the six per cent growth in international tourist arrivals in 2018, totalling 1.4 billion persons, according to the UNWTO, as “excellent news”.“This remarkable growth is two years ahead of the UNWTO’s long-term forecast issued in 2010, which indicated the 1.4 billion mark would be reached in 2020. It is also clearly above the 3.7 per cent growth registered in the global economy,” the Minister added.Mr. Bartlett said tourism’s growth underscores the industry’s invaluable worth as a powerful driver of economic growth and development.He added that against this background, “we must now manage it in a sustainable way”, to ensure that communities, countries and citizens around the world benefit through jobs and wealth creation.“Tourism is valuable for development with linkages that run deep into the local economy and multiply the growth impact from trade. It is, therefore, incumbent on us to build a smart and sustainable framework to better integrate SMTEs into the tourism value chain,” the Minister emphasised.Mr. Bartlett said it is against this background that “we have put in motion a plan to create a window through which small and medium players in the sector could access affordable loans to invest and play their part in supporting the build-out of the sector”.“We wanted to widen the net of people benefitting from the industry in terms of ownership and employment. In this way, we are creating and realising sustainable growth,” the Minister added.last_img read more

The US Now Has a Better Shot at the World Cup But

The United States may or may not have played the better football in Monday’s match against Ghana. But it came away with three huge points. That, coupled with Germany’s 4-0 thrashing of Portugal, makes the U.S. slight favorites to advance to the knockout stage. FiveThirtyEight’s World Cup predictions now give the United States a 63 percent chance of advancing, up from 33 percent on Monday morning.This forecast is based on simulating the rest of the group stage 10,000 times, using estimates of team strength from ESPN’s Soccer Power Index (see here for a lot more methodological detail). It helps to have a computer to do this work when there are so many permutations to consider.There are nine remaining scenarios involving the Americans’ results, among them possibly beating, losing to or drawing with Portugal, and then the same possibilities against Germany. Some of these are relatively easy to resolve, but others are more complex and depend on the outcomes of the other remaining matches in Group G — Germany against Ghana and Portugal against Ghana — and possibly FIFA’s tie-breaking procedures.FIFA’s first tiebreaker is based on goal differential. That greatly advantages Germany, with its +4 so far, and greatly harms Portugal, with its -4. The next tiebreaker is based on goals scored (for that reason, it was slightly better for the U.S. to beat Ghana 2-1 than by the 1-0 scoreline that held for most of the game). Finally, head-to-head results are considered — so if it comes down to the U.S. and Ghana and they’re tied on both goals scored and allowed, the U.S. would go in ahead.Here’s the Americans’ outlook, in brief:Win twice, advance to the knockout stage.Win once and draw once, advance.Draw twice, advance.Win once and lose once, almost certainly advance (there’s one highly unlikely mathematical exception).Lose twice, and almost certainly go out (there’s one highly unlikely mathematical exception).Draw once and lose once, and it gets complicated. It’s considerably better for the U.S. to draw against Portugal and lose to Germany than the other way around.Now here’s the long version:Beat Portugal, beat Germany: U.S. is in. This rather optimistic scenario is easy to figure. You win all your matches, you win your group.Beat Portugal, draw Germany: U.S. is in. This scenario guarantees advancement and a tie for first place in the group. If Germany also beats Ghana, however, the U.S. would likely lose the tiebreaker and finish with the second qualifying position.Beat Portugal, lose to Germany: U.S. is in unless it gets really unlucky. This scenario generally leads to a second-place finish in the group. The exception would be if Ghana beat both Portugal and Germany. In that case, Germany, Ghana and the U.S. would finish in a three-way tie atop the group. One team — probably not Germany and possibly the U.S. — would be the odd one out based on goal differential.Draw Portugal, beat Germany: U.S. is in. This scenario delivers seven points and guarantees the U.S. first place in the group.Draw Portugal, draw Germany: U.S. is in. Two draws will be good enough. There won’t be enough points to go around the rest of the group to prevent the U.S. from advancing, though it would probably do so as the second-place team — either because the U.S. finishes second outright or because it loses the tiebreaker to Germany.Draw Portugal, lose to Germany: U.S. is favored to advance but not safe. This is among the more likely outcomes, so we’ll break it down in more detail. There are a number of permutations based on the results of Ghana’s games against Germany and Portugal.Under three permutations — Ghana draws with Portugal and either draws with or loses to Germany, or Ghana beats Portugal and loses to Germany, the U.S. will have sole possession of second place and advance.But under another permutation, the U.S. would be out despite its four points. This case happens if Ghana beats Portugal and Germany, giving both Ghana and Germany six points.In the other permutations, the U.S. would finish in a tie for second place, with Germany winning the group. If the tie is with Portugal, the U.S. would likely advance on the basis of goal differential. If the tie is with Ghana, it’s a little harder to say.Lose to Portugal, beat Germany: U.S. is almost certainly in. The only exception is if, in addition to these results, both Germany and Portugal beat Ghana. In that case, the U.S., Germany and Portugal would be tied atop the group with six points. The U.S. would likely get the second position based on goal differential, however, so this scenario is quite safe.Lose to Portugal, draw Germany: U.S. is a slight underdog to advance. This case is inferior to losing to Germany and drawing with Portugal because it gives Portugal three points and makes it much more of a threat to advance. The permutations get complicated:The U.S. is almost certainly out in the cases where Portugal beats Ghana. That, coupled with a Portuguese win against the U.S., would give Portugal six points and it would leapfrog the U.S. in the standings. (The only exception is if Germany gets blown out by Ghana so badly that it loses the tiebreaker to the U.S. — not at all likely.)Only one permutation guarantees the U.S. entry: if Germany beats Ghana but Ghana beats Portugal.A number of other permutations involve ties for second place, sometimes against Germany (bad for the U.S.) and sometimes against Portugal (good for the U.S.).Finally, there could even be a four-way tie for first if Ghana draws with Portugal and beats Germany!Lose to Portugal, lose to Germany: U.S. is mathematically alive but needs a miracle. This almost certainly dooms the United States. But just as there’s a wild-card scenario in which it could win twice but fail to advance, there’s one in which it could lose both remaining matches but move on. That would happen if Ghana beats Portugal and loses to Germany. Then Germany would win the group with nine points, and the U.S. would be in a three-way tie for second with Portugal and Ghana. The U.S. would need to beat both teams on the tiebreaker. It wouldn’t be how you script these things, but neither was Monday’s win.One final note: The Americans’ chances to advance should improve slightly when we rerun the numbers on Tuesday morning, as they’ll reflect the change in the Soccer Power Index, which we update overnight. It’s not that the United States’ SPI will increase so much as that Portugal’s will decline: Portugal looks much more beatable (or at least drawable) after its 4-0 defeat. SPI is not sophisticated enough to account for the red card to Portugal’s Pepe (who will miss the match against the U.S.) or the injury to the U.S.’s Jozy Altidore — nor for the fact that the Americans’ quality of play on Monday was not as impressive as the scoreline. read more