Council Agenda: First Look at Draft Budget of About $70 Million

first_imgCity Hall in Ocean CityMayor Jay Gillian’s administration will introduce its proposed budget for 2015 at the City Council meeting on Thursday (Feb. 12) at City Hall.The draft budget gives property owners a first look at what they might pay in taxes next year. The presentation is the first step in a process that leads to City Council’s adoption of a final budget in the spring.City Council last year adopted a 2014 municipal budget that called for spending a total of $69,861,685 and raising $44,793,202 from local taxpayers (a 2.57 percent increase). The owner of a $500,000 home in Ocean City last year saw an increase of $73 in municipal taxes (an increase of $14.60 for every $100,000 of assessed value).That figure did not include school or county taxes. The municipal budget and a small library tax accounted for about 50 percent of a property owner’s tax bill in 2013. The other half was divided evenly between county taxes and school taxes.The tax rate increased by 3.78 percent (compensating for a decreasing ratable base). But with a three-year, in-house program to reassess 17,000 properties in Ocean City now complete, tax rates should begin to stabilize. After years where as many as 800 properties won tax appeals, only a handful did this year.On the expense side, Ocean City’s biggest budget item is salaries and wages for about 256 full-time employees: $28.6 million in 2014.See more detailed information on Ocean City’s 2014 municipal budget.Thursday’s public meeting will also include a number of other agenda items that might be of interest:No Jumping From Bridges: City Council will consider the second and potentially final reading of an ordinance making it unlawful to jump from any bridge within the city limits (a tool Ocean City police currently do not have). The practice apparently is more a problem on the Russ Chattin Bridge near Corson’s Inlet State Park. Another amendment would allow police to claim as abandoned any bicycle left unmoved on public property for more than 7 days. (See full text of ordinance in agenda packet below.)Dredging Bayside Lagoons and Channels: City Council will vote on the second reading of an ordinance authorizing the spending of $5 million ($4.75 million of it to be borrowed) this year to dredge lagoons and bayside channels that are too shallow for boat traffic. The bond ordinance would allow the emptying of an existing spoils site that is filled to capacity. It also would include money for the start of a dredging project at an unspecified area. Read more: A $5 Million Promise: “They Better Be Dredging by July 1.”Ice-Cream Vendors: City Council will consider the second reading of an ordinance that: reduces the number of bicycle-cart licenses from 20 to 12; allows one vendor to bid on all 12 licenses; changes hours of operation to 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (from 10 a.m. to sunset); raises minimum bids from truck vendors from $1,500 to $2,000; and prohibits more than one vendor from selling at the same street end at the same time.Housekeeping Ordinances: City Council will consider the first readings of two ordinances: one that changes an outdated law making it possible for the mayor and City Council to appoint a replacement for a retiring tax collector, the other more clearly delineating the line of authority to help with an Ocean City Police Department re-accreditation application.New 5-Year Leases for Yianni’s (at Community Center) and Airport Diner: City Council will consider approving new five-year leases for the existing restaurant vendors at the Ocean City Community Center (Ioannis Signs of SoHoRo LLC, Yianni’s Cafe) and the Ocean City Municipal Airport (John Kurz of Lo-Jo Enterprises, Airport Diner). Both companies were the sole bidders on their respective concession contracts.Bayside Park and Marina: City Council will vote to approve a $191,561 contract with K&G Marine Contracting of Manahawkin for bulkhead improvements. The work will replace the bulkhead at the Tennessee Avenue boat ramp (near 22nd Street) and also restore the south pier in the public park on the bay at Second Street. The pier was destroyed in Superstorm Sandy, and work would include replacing boat slips,  power and water. The work will restore what existed before Sandy, and will likely be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).For the full text of all agenda items and supporting documentation, see the City Council agenda packet below.Download (PDF, 22.41MB)last_img read more

Syracuse football loses control of game during 28-point 2nd quarter for South Florida

first_img Published on September 17, 2016 at 9:20 pm Contact Tomer: [email protected] | @tomer_langer Syracuse (1-2, 0-1 Atlantic Coast) got off to a blistering start to the game, with the offense moving crisply down the field and the defense preventing scores. But that level of play on both sides didn’t last long. USF (3-0) scored 28 points in the second quarter to seize control and eventually win 45-20 on Saturday evening in the Carrier Dome.The Mack run set up a touchdown pass to senior receiver Rodney Adams just 34 seconds into the second quarter. But SU’s offense got the ball back and had already scored on each of its drives.The Orange started on its own 19-yard line and eight plays later was at its own 47, looking at a 4th-and-4. Syracuse had already gone for it once on fourth down to extend an eventual scoring drive.Quarterback Eric Dungey’s pass to Steve Ishmael was a bit high and deflected off Ishmael’s hands, giving the Bulls position. Ishmael helped himself off the ground. USF safety Ronnie Hoggins, who was in coverage on the play, turned toward the Syracuse offense and wagged his finger.“Offensively we can’t be complacent,” Dungey said. “Right after we didn’t score on that, after we scored 17 off of that field goal … it didn’t help.”For as fast as the Orange is supposed to be, the breakdown of its defense was even faster. South Florida’s four scoring drives in the quarter amassed 251 yards. Combined, those four drives took 5:08. The longest one was just 1:37.Three touchdowns in that quarter came from Adams. After he caught the initial one, he scored twice more jet sweep handoffs. He recorded 86 yards in the second quarter alone.“We had the right guys, just all 11 guys didn’t do the job to the level that we expected we needed too, so he got out,” linebacker Zaire Franklin said. “He’s also really dynamic and fast player, so it’s very hard to mimic that in practice.”The SU offense had one last shot after it got the ball back with 43 seconds left before the break. A field goal would have made it a one-possession game. SU started at its own 25 and got down to USF’s 40.But a 13-yard completion to Ervin Phillips ended in a fumble with only a few seconds left.Just like Philips lost control of that ball, Syracuse lost control of the game. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+center_img When South Florida’s Marlon Mack ripped off a 40-yard run to end the first quarter, there didn’t seem to be much concern. The fans didn’t seem upset and Syracuse’s players on the sideline still seemed relatively upbeat.After all, the first quarter ended with SU up 17-0. Eric Dungey had thrown touchdowns on each of the first two Orange possessions. Syracuse had held the ball for nearly 11 minutes and had racked up 214 yards, while limiting USF to just 12 plays and 64 yards — with 40 coming on that Mack run.But that play didn’t end up being a footnote; rather, it was the turning point in the game. USF scored four touchdowns in the second quarter, which opened after that Mack run. The only SU drive that went for more than 31 yards in the period ended in a fumble.“Second quarter they got a couple of first downs that allowed them to really get the ball moving,” freshman defensive end Kendall Coleman said. “We weren’t ready to keep up with their pace in that moment.”MORE COVERAGEAdvertisementThis is placeholder textWhat we learned from SU football’s loss to USFDontae Strickland has career day in loss to FloridaSyracuse football comes up short on 4th downs in loss to USFlast_img read more

Tipp schools to battle for place in Harty Cup decider

first_imgLast year’s beaten finalists Our Lady’s Templemore and Nenagh CBS clash in Toomevara.Their semi-final encounter gets underway at 1.30pm.Tipp FM will have regular updates on the match. Coláiste Cholmáin Fermoy and CBS Midleton meet in the other semi-final in Mallow, which also begins at 1.30pm.last_img

This Is Your Brain on Intelligent Design

first_imgYour brain comes with amazing capabilities. It won’t look like a fried egg unless you abuse it.Fantastic JourneyAs the brain of a baby forms in the womb, how do the neurons grow outward to reach their designated targets? A press release from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York describes the “Fantastic journey: how newborn neurons find their proper place in the brain.” This “orchestrated” process requires multiple virtuoso players.This week in the Journal of Cell Biology, Professor Linda Van Aelst and colleagues at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) describe for the first time (in mice) how baby neurons—precursors called neuroblasts, generated from a permanent pocket of stem cells in a brain area called the V-SVZ—make an incredible journey from their place of birth through a special tunnel called the RMS to their target destination in the olfactory bulb. They travel as far as 8 mm, “a huge distance, when you consider how tiny the mouse brain is,” Van Aelst says.The journey is made possible by two forces, one pulling from the front, the other pushing from behind. A single protein called DOCK7 helps to orchestrate these two steps. Ahead of the newborn neuron’s soma, or cell body, is a threadlike projection called a process. It stretches forward through the tunnel, guided by various signals. At the same time, the cell body, lagging behind, is powered forward by the activation of tiny molecular motors that push it from the rear. Multiple cells migrate together, one virtually on top of another, somewhat in the manner of a group of tiny worms inching forward by morphing the shape of their bodies.Unevolved CircuitryAn article on Science Daily professes evolution only because processes they describe in the brain are found in zebrafish and in mice. This means, however, that the complex circuitry involved in “neuronal basis of brain states” was already present in the common ancestor, if there was one. “This suggests that the human brain is likely similarly wired for this state critical to survival.” In other words, this complex networking of brain circuits has not undergone significant evolutionary change for hundreds of millions of Darwin Years. The unevolved circuits are involved in brain states like alertness and vigilance. Defects cause serious mental disorders like mania, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.A paper in Science Magazine by Ann Gibbons seeks to shed light on “how the human brain takes shape” by evolution. The article speculates, “as the human cortex expanded in the course of evolution, it reorganized to allow more complex connections between regions.” Gibbons speaks of “what changed as brains rewired over the course of evolution.” The only cases we know of rewiring and reorganizing things come by intelligent design. These phrases personify evolution as a creative force. That’s opposite what Darwinian evolution teaches.Innate GPS App“Aaron Wilber, assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Florida State University, discovered new insights about how the brain helps us get around from place to place,” reports Medical Xpress. What he found is that “The brain performs a complex calculation that works a lot like the Global Positioning System.” No satellites required. Here’s how it works:The parietal cortex is the part of the brain that helps make that happen. It integrates information coming in from various senses and helps a person understand what action to take as a result. The response gets recorded as a memory with help from other parts of the brain, creating a “map” of the location that a person can recall to help get around from place to place.Then in the future a person can link that same view, or even just a part of it, to the brain’s map and know what action to take.Materialists Puzzle Over ConsciousnessThree international scientists, writing in Science Magazine, review various meanings of ‘consciousness’ and ask whether robots will ever have it. As evolutionists, they apply the “It evolved” explanation, combined with a high perhapsimaybecouldness index, to account for any puzzle. For instance, “Thus, circuits in the prefrontal cortex may have evolved to monitor the performance of other brain processes.”The explanation makes no sense from a materialist perspective. Nothing made of atoms is capable of deciding “to monitor the performance of other brain processes.” Such language presupposes the ability to know what information is, and to collect it and measure performance according to some objective standard. What else can the authors do? They are limited by their assumptions to consider only naturalistic explanations.“What we call ‘consciousness’ results from specific types of information-processing computations, physically realized by the hardware of the brain,” they say in the Conclusion section of the paper. They specifically reject dualism, the view that mind and body are both independently required to explain human behavior. “Although centuries of philosophical dualism have led us to consider consciousness as unreducible to physical interactions, the empirical evidence is compatible with the possibility that consciousness arises from nothing more than specific computations.” But this speculative view undercuts their own reasoning, because no objective standard for truth and logic can emerge from mindless matter in motion.Most of the essay consists of futureware, speculating about what robots will be able to do some day.CBS NewsScience Cannot Explain What You Are About to HearIn a recent episode on 60 Minutes, host Scott Pelley was almost brought to tears as he heard 12-year-old Alma Deutscher compose a classical piece in the style of Mozart from four random notes he had just selected from a hat. This pre-teen young lady, full of zest and vitality, is already a virtuoso violinist and pianist, but her greatest gift may be her creativity. She has composed a violin concerto and a piano concerto of stunning beauty (and difficulty) that have been performed by symphony orchestras, and at age 10 composed her first opera, having written all the instrumental parts for these works. Alma says that she always has melodies pouring out of her head. “We cannot explain what you are about to hear,” Pelley began. “Science doesn’t know enough about the brain to make sense of Alma.”Alma imagines her improvisations before playing them on the piano. Do brain waves differ when you listen to music and when you imagine it in your head? says, “That music playing in your head is a real conundrum for scientists.” Experiments in France on brains of epileptics (difficult to do) seem to show the same brain wave patterns in both cases.This is the first time a study has demonstrated that when we imagine music in our heads, the auditory cortex and other parts of the brain process auditory information, such as high and low frequencies, in the same way as they do when stimulated by real sound.The sounds Alma hears before playing, though, do not exist except in her imagination. Are they real?Nothing in brain biology makes sense except in the light of intelligent design. There, it not only makes sense, but arouses awe and inspiration. What is the survival value of creating complex works of music that are beautiful? Compare Alma’s lovely work with the sound made by goats (and some humans).Listen to more from Alma Deutscher on her YouTube channel (try the soft movement from her piano concerto), and read some of the comments. The capabilities God has put into the human brain are beyond comprehension. It makes you wonder what heaven will be like. (Visited 694 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Moresoo 10 Inch-18 Inch 60gram Lace Frontal Natural 1B Brazillian Virgin Hair Wavy/Body Wave 13*4 Inch Size Ear to Ear 14Inch Long : Great quality frontal at a great price

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Multiple injured in Fayette County swine farm blaze – same site as 2018 fire

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A Fayette County hog farm, which had a major loss of livestock in a 2018 fire, was again the site of a blaze Tuesday afternoon, according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.Reported by WBNS 10TV, a call came in at about 3:30 alerting authorities of a fire on Old U.S. 35 near Boyd.Click here to read the full story from WBNS.Construction was taking place at the barn and three workers were reportedly injured. The Sheriff’s Office reports the barn is a total loss. It is the same location as the June 2018 fire in which 5,000 pigs perished. The Straathoff Swine Farm is located in southeast Fayette County in Wayne Township.last_img