Susan Collins Wins in Maine, Denying Democrats a Crucial Senate Pickup

first_imgThe pandemic offered an opportunity for Ms. Collins to counter the narrative by highlighting her work with Democrats, as she championed what would become a popular federal loan program to stabilize thousands of small businesses across the country in the $2.2 trillion stimulus law enacted in the spring. The creation of the Paycheck Protection Program, along with a series of measures to overhaul and replenish it, also allowed Ms. Collins to draw a sharp contrast with Ms. Gideon, who adjourned the state’s legislature in March and failed to secure bipartisan support to reconvene it.In the days leading up to Tuesday’s election, Ms. Collins crisscrossed the state in her campaign bus, visiting small businesses that survived the pandemic by taking advantage of the loan program and Maine towns that had benefited from her work on the Senate Appropriations Committee. But ultimately, to a soundtrack of “Still the One” by Orleans and “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John blaring in the snowy hotel parking lot, it was Ms. Collins who prevailed. Ms. Collins, 67, who had trailed in most public polling this year, overcame the liberal groundswell in part by centering her campaign on local issues and distancing herself from Mr. Trump, even declining to say whether she would vote for him.Toiling to preserve an image she has carefully cultivated as an independent-minded moderate, she reminded voters of her accomplishments for the state and emphasized her likely ascendance to the helm of the powerful Appropriations Committee, which allocates federal spending, should Republicans keep the majority, as well as her personal relationships in the state. National Democrats, furious after Ms. Collins became a key vote in support of Mr. Trump’s tax plan and the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in 2018, had singled out Ms. Collins as a top target on their path to reclaiming the Senate majority. As a result, the race had become the most expensive in Maine history, with national donors flooding the state with tens of millions of dollars and an onslaught of negative campaign ads.Ms. Gideon, the speaker of Maine’s House, had sought to frame the campaign as a referendum on Republicans, painting Ms. Collins as out of touch with the state and in lock-step with Mr. Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader. She capitalized on the growing polarization of the state in the Trump era, as Democrats and independent voters became increasingly frustrated with Ms. Collins’s pattern of expressing distress at the president’s language and actions, only to side with her party on crucial issues.But Ms. Gideon ultimately fell short, failing to keep Ms. Collins from attaining the 50 percent threshold required for outright victory under the state’s ranked choice voting system. Republicans had feared that the system could harm her chances, potentially consolidating liberal opposition to her given the presence in the race of a progressive, Lisa Savage, who had openly encouraged her supporters to list Ms. Gideon as their second choice.- Advertisement – “I feel that this is an affirmation of the work that I’m doing in Washington to fight hard every day, to fight hard every day for the people of Maine,” Ms. Collins said to a small crowd of masked supporters cheering in a Hilton Garden Inn parking lot, shortly after Ms. Gideon called her to concede the race. “I will serve you with all my heart, I will work hard for you, each and every day, and together we will come together to work on the problems and challenges that are facing our state and our country.”- Advertisement – “I am taking the same approach that I have always taken,” Ms. Collins told reporters on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, called her, she said, seeking a meeting in the coming days to hammer out the persistent impasse over another coronavirus relief package.Ms. Collins, whose vote for Justice Kavanaugh spurred critics to amass nearly $4 million for her eventual opponent, further burnished her credentials as a moderate willing to break with her party when Senate Republicans rushed to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left in September by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Ms. Collins became one of only two senators in her party to object to moving forward to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett before the election, and the only one to vote “no.” She pointed to her objections after her fellow Republicans stonewalled Judge Merrick B. Garland, President Barack Obama’s pick to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia after his death in 2016, when they insisted such a seat should not be filled in an election year.With Republicans otherwise nearly united on moving forward, they did not need her vote anyway, and the unusual circumstances allowed Ms. Collins, who supports abortion rights, to sidestep the question of whether to confirm a nominee who personally opposed abortion.Democrats scoffed at the vote, arguing that it did little to affect the process and used the vote to try to boost Ms. Gideon’s chances in the final days of the campaign.center_img Updated Nov. 4, 2020, 3:02 p.m. ET BANGOR, Me. — Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, claimed victory on Wednesday in her bid to secure a fifth term, beating back an avalanche of Democratic money and liberal anger in the most difficult race of her career to defeat Sara Gideon, a Democrat, and strengthen the party’s hold on the Senate.Her triumph, reported by The Associated Press, preserved Ms. Collins’s status as the only remaining New England Republican in Congress. She became the first senator in the state’s history to be directly chosen by voters for a fifth term in the upper chamber, dashing Democratic hopes of a crucial pickup as their ambitions of a Senate takeover hung by a thread.- Advertisement – “Mainers rallied around our campaign in a way I’ve never seen before, and while we came up short, I do believe Mainers in every corner of this state are ready to continue to work together to make a difference,” Ms. Gideon said in a somber concession speech. “Regardless of the result, together we built a movement that will help us make progress for years to come.” – Advertisement –last_img read more

Biden Leads, but No Call Yet Four Days After Election: This Week in the 2020 Race

first_imgThe tight map means that the Trump campaign will be forced to reckon with the realization that if they had done any number of small things differently, or if the candidate had not pursued unhelpful fights with political enemies (even beyond the grave), this thing could have gone the other way.Campaign officials and outside advisers acknowledged that Republicans were damaged in Arizona by Mr. Trump’s yearslong feud with Senator John McCain, a beloved figure in his home state, a personal disdain that continued even after he died in 2018. Fox News and The A.P. called Arizona for Mr. Biden on Tuesday night.In Georgia, Mr. Biden took a narrow lead on Friday thanks to votes from Clayton County, the district that was represented by former Representative John Lewis, the civil rights icon who died in July. Mr. Trump had berated Mr. Lewis for calling his presidency “illegitimate,” noting that he should spend more time fixing his “horrible” and “crime-infested” district. Apparently, those words were not easily forgotten by the voters who lived there.Some of his supporters were already playing the “what if” game, more broadly. “Where would Trump be if he never said what he said about Charlottesville, if he never said what he said about Khizr Khan, about Mika Brzezinski,” said Ari Fleischer, a former White House press secretary to President George W. Bush. In other words, where would he be if he wasn’t Donald Trump? Philippe Reines, a former top adviser to Mrs. Clinton both in the Senate and at the State Department, was even more blunt. “Hillary’s owed more than a few apologies for how her campaign was assessed,” Mr. Reines said. Jennifer Palmieri, who served as communications director for the 2016 Clinton campaign, said that the current election gives a new perspective to the race four years ago.“There’s only so much you can do to ameliorate larger forces,” Ms. Palmieri said. “When I see young Latino and African-American men siding with Trump in a way they didn’t in 2016, I don’t fault the Biden campaign’s African-American radio program. It is a symptom of a larger change that’s happening.”Trump’s unhelpful personal feuds There was one subset of the political world that felt vindicated by the nail-biter presidential race: Democrats who worked for Hillary Clinton. The closeness of the Biden-Trump race suggests that the 2016 election outcome may have been less about Mrs. Clinton’s political weaknesses than it was about Mr. Trump’s political strengths.In some of the states that Mr. Biden managed to flip, like Wisconsin, his victory was by a slim margin of about 20,000 votes. Four years ago, Mrs. Clinton lost the state by about 22,000. A potential victory with more than 300 electoral votes would look like a blowout for Mr. Biden, but it would also mask the fact that in some of the most critical states, the race was still only won by a hair.Mr. Biden has not received the wide margins nationwide that many liberals had been hoping for. The silver lining for some former members of Clintonworld, as one put it: The 2016 Democratic nominee might not go down in history as the political version of Bill Buckner, who blew the World Series for the Red Sox in 1986 by letting a ground ball go through his legs.- Advertisement – “His electoral strength in 2016 had less to do with any shortcomings of Hillary Clinton as a candidate or of her campaign than with Trump’s own appeal to a broad segment of the population,” Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and a member of the D.N.C.’s executive committee, said of Mr. Trump. “We need as Democrats to understand that and confront it more effectively going forward.” – Advertisement – As of late Friday, Mr. Biden was within striking distance of being the next president of the United States, powered by tight statewide victories in the Midwest states that went for President Trump in 2016: Michigan and Wisconsin. Mr. Biden was leading in Pennsylvania, another state that went for Mr. Trump in the last cycle. The former vice president was ahead in Arizona in the West, and Georgia in the South — giving Democrats hope for future victories in those states in spite of poor results down ballot elsewhere.It was a mixed bag of results that is not yet final, as some states may require a recount while others continue to count ballots. Here are four takeaways from the results we know so far:Despite several upsets, Democrats make some gains Welcome to our weekly analysis of the state of the 2020 campaign.Catch me upAs Election Day turned into Election Week, an anxious nation lost days of productivity, with Americans interested only in what map gurus like CNN’s John King and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki had to say about the effect of every new tranche of votes on the outcome of the race. And, a bold race call awarding Arizona to Joseph R. Biden Jr. by Fox News on election night, followed by The Associated Press, shocked the Trump campaign.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Democrats spent election night in a state of panic, as it became clear that Republican turnout surged passed polling predictions and Mr. Trump had an enduring coalition. By Thursday, as Mr. Biden edged closer to 270 electoral votes, Democratic fears had subsided but not disappeared. The party lost key Congressional races, failed to flip several state legislatures, and continued to show weakness among voting populations in Florida, Texas and Iowa.last_img read more

Postal worker and Project Veritas falsely claimed fraud, gave Graham, Barr fuel for ‘investigations’

first_imgWhether that actually was part of the Trump campaign’s fraudulent call for voter fraud or just people who don’t understand how elections work is unknown. But knowing how Republicans love to commit voter fraud, you’ve got to wonder. – Advertisement – That Graham and Barr are using O’Keefe to call the results into question in Pennsylvania is so Trumpy it’s disgusting. And completely predictable. When it comes down to the whether there was any actual fraud in Pennsylvania, though, and when lawyers are facing a judge, in court, the fraud claims melt. When it comes to real legal jeopardy of lying about voter fraud—interfering in an election, which is a crime—these people fold.There’s another bit of fraud by the Trump campaign, though, that could be happening. Remember how the Trump campaign in Wisconsin was recruiting volunteers to call Pennsylvania Republicans to get them to send in ballots after the election? Illegally? Well, thousands of ballots were received in post offices Monday, which “included hundreds meant for closely fought contests in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona.” More than 400 were received in Pennsylvania. None of them will count. Pennsylvania is the only state among the aforementioned ones that had an extended deadline for receiving ballots, but the deadline was this past Friday.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Brian Kelley Posts Tyler Hubbard Throwback Pic Amid FGL Drama

first_imgFlorida Georgia Line is not the only act affected by the virus. Lee Brice dropped out of his duet with Carly Pearce after he contracted the illness, and Lady A canceled their performance to quarantine after exposure to a family member with COVID-19.Listen to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories! Moving forward? Brian Kelley reminisced on his past with Florida Georgia Line bandmate Tyler Hubbard amid the duo’s social media drama.Kelley, 35, shared a throwback photo with Hubbard, 33, via his Instagram Story on Wednesday, November 11, ahead of the 2020 Country Music Association Awards. The shot showed the musicians taking part in an interview after winning two trophies at the awards show in November 2013.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – The Florida native posted the sweet memory after the pair made headlines on Tuesday, November 10, when Hubbard and his wife, Hayley Hubbard, unfollowed Kelley on Instagram, sparking speculation about a falling out. “Does that mean FGL will be no more?” one Twitter user asked.Florida Georgia Line Brian Kelley Posts Throwback Photo With Tyler Hubbard Amid DramaBrian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line at The 61st Annual Grammy Awards on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Chelsea Lauren/ShutterstockSome fans suggested that differing political views were to blame for the move. Tyler has spoken out against President Donald Trump in the past, and Hayley, 34, supported Vice President-elect Kamala Harris via Instagram on Sunday, November 8, after her historic win alongside President-elect Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Kelley corrected a fan who claimed that he voted for the former vice president, 77, commenting on Instagram, “Think again bub.”Kelley’s wife, Brittney Kelly, then shared a series of cryptic quotes to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, November 10. “Real friends don’t always agree with [you] but they do respect your right to have an opinion,” one post read.- Advertisement – A source close to Florida Georgia Line attempted to dispel the rumors, telling Us Weekly on Tuesday, “All is good with the FGL family. Tyler and Brian’s friendship is as strong as ever.” Tyler also refollowed Brian on Instagram after speculation of a feud spread.Regardless of the band’s status as colleagues and friends, they will not perform at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night after Tyler tested positive for coronavirus. “Some of y’all guessed it….. Got the Rona,” he confirmed via Instagram on Monday, November 9. “Asymptomatic. Quarantining on bus. Miss my family. Writing songs. Thankful.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

The Masters: First round suspended for almost three hours due to bad weather at Augusta | Golf News

first_img The first round was suspended after just 25 minutes
The first round was suspended after just 25 minutes

Judy Shelton appears headed for confirmation to a Federal Reserve seat

first_imgDemocratic senators accused Shelton of backpedaling from earlier statements she had made on those issues.McConnell’s move drew an angry rebuke from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), ranking member of the finance committee, who called it “an effort to sabotage what little economic recovery we have by installing an unqualified, political pick.”“Her ideas are so wacky and outdated, giving her authority over the dollar would be like putting a medieval barber in charge of the” Centers for Disease Control, Wyden said in a statement. “Shelton’s views are so extreme, Senate Republicans have long refused to confirm her.”- Advertisement – Her co-nominee, St. Louis Fed executive vice president Christopher Waller, faced a much easier time and gained committee approval by an 18-7 vote. However, it is unclear whether his name will be presented with Shelton at a full Senate vote expected to take place around the middle of next week. “I’ve had an opportunity to talk to Judy Shelton and I’m going to be supporting her,” Murkowski told reporters Thursday afternoon, according to reports in various news outlets.Shelton’s nomination had been stalled in the Senate even though the finance committee cleared her by a narrow party-line 13-12 vote in July. Several key Republicans had been wavering in their support, and it appeared for some time that the nomination would not clear before the current congressional session ended.At the contentious July hearing, senators grilled Shelton over her views on Fed independence, her support of the gold standard and her wavering over whether bank deposits should be insured.- Advertisement – Judy Shelton appears now to have enough Republican support for her controversial nomination to the Federal Reserve’s board of governors to get through.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday he will advance Shelton’s name to the Senate floor after Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) told reporters she now will support the economic advisor to President Donald Trump, CNBC’s Ylan Mui reported.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Indianapolis Colts 34-17 Tennessee Titans: Philip Rivers moves fifth on all-time passing yardage list | NFL News

first_imgColts (6-3) have won three of their last four, while the Titans (6-3) have lost three of their last four as race for divisional title hots up; Week 10 continues with a triple header on Sunday, starting at 6pm with Bucs @ Panthers, live on Sky Sports NFL Last Updated: 13/11/20 6:37am Colts 0-7 TitansRyan Tannehill 5-yard TD pass to D’onta Foreman (extra point) Highlights of the Indianapolis Colts against the Tennessee Titans from Week 10 of the NFL. – Advertisement – 5:38 Scoring summary THIRD QUARTER The Titans lost for the third time in four games despite getting 103 yards on 19 carries from Derrick Henry, who moved past Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook for the NFL rushing lead this season.Quarterback Ryan Tannehill hit 15 of 27 passes for 147 yards and a touchdown – but that opening score came on the game’s opening drive as Tannehill got Tennessee off to a quick start by finding D’Onta Foreman for a five-yard score just 3:10 into the game.Rodrigo Blankenship’s 24-yard field goal with 40 seconds left in the first quarter got Indianapolis on the board before Stephen Gostkowski replied from 50 yards to restore a seven-point lead for the Titans early in the second quarter.Rivers combined with Hines for a 13-yard touchdown that kept the Colts within touching distance but Jonnu Smith regained the lead for Tennessee on a one-yard run with 2:54 left before the break,It was enough time for Blankenship to hit a 43-yard field goal as time expired in the half to make it 17-13 and the Colts dominated the second half for a massive victory. Philip Rivers took fifth spot from Dan Marino on the NFL's all-time passing yards list Philip Rivers took fifth spot from Dan Marino on the NFL's all-time passing yards list

Paul Mullin interview: Cambridge striker on idolising Fernando Torres, a Spanish adventure and enjoying football again | Football News

first_img“I look back now with good memories but at the time, it did all go badly as they were in financial trouble. I was grateful to come back home as I was homesick, being a young lad over in Spain. It was quite a relief to come back but looking back it was a shame.”Having missed the deadline to sign a scholarship at an EFL club as a result of his exploits on the continent, ironically, it was the Liverpool FC Foundation Football College that helped Mullin get back on track.“It was a good time that just gave me time to enjoy football and really find where I wanted to play because at Liverpool I was playing out of position and sort of lost what I was. It gave me time to reassure myself that I was a centre forward and enjoy playing football again.”A friendly against Huddersfield piqued the Terriers’ interest, which led to a one-year contract but it was at Morecambe where he began to make a name for himself, missing just 16 fixtures of a possible 138 across three League Two seasons with the Shrimps.Mullin initially joined Cambridge on a six-month loan in January, having made just 17 league starts across two frustrating seasons with Tranmere, and scored twice in six appearances at the beginning of Mark Bonner’s initial spell as caretaker boss. – Advertisement – Mullin has scored 13 goals in just 14 games for Cambridge so far this termImage:Mullin has scored 13 goals in just 14 games for Cambridge so far this term It didn’t take long for him to realise that the Abbey Stadium was where he wanted to write the next chapter of his career.“I went to see the manager [Micky Mellon] with a couple of days left of the window and I said I wanted to get more game time and if he couldn’t guarantee it, I’d like to move on, especially with my contract coming to an end. Micky was sound and said I wasn’t going to play as much as I’d have liked, so he’d let me go. On the last day of the window, Cambridge gave me a ring and I jumped at the chance to go and enjoy football again.“When I first came, the lads were great with me but, more importantly, the manager. He got the way I play and he wanted to play the way I enjoy playing, which played into my hands. Then, come the summer, it was an easy decision for me as I’d been there, knew what it was about and I knew the manager liked me and I really liked him. I think that’s a big thing in the football game really.”Bonner was appointed head coach on a permanent basis on March 9 and in late July, Mullin signed a one-year deal. “I had the option to sign for longer but my decision was more of a family one – I’ve got a little boy back in Liverpool,” he says.In no uncertain terms, Mullin credits Bonner’s trust and support as the most significant factor in what has been a remarkable start to his time as a permanent member of the Cambridge squad. “It was enjoyable and, looking back now, it was an unbelievable experience,” he continues. “The football was different and the lifestyle would’ve been totally different. During the time I was there, we’d train in the evenings, so you’d have the daytime to go to the beach, which was great. “It was a dream to play there and I always hoped there could be a chance I could make the first team. It was quite naïve of me at the time looking back but it was a dream and something I can always tell my son.“When I was younger, Fernando Torres was one of my idols. I used to go to the games every week when he was at Liverpool and watching him play every week was just a joy. I was sitting watching the other day with [Ipswich striker] James Norwood, who I live with and I was reading out every goal as it came on – I’ve memorised them so much!”Upon his eventual release, a 16-year-old Mullin flew to Spain for a trial with Racing Santander, who were in competing in La Liga at the time. After a month on the Cantabrian coastline, however, a combination of factors brought him back to Merseyside.- Advertisement – preview image His journey really could have been so different.“At first I was at Everton and then I left to go to Liverpool,” he explains to Sky Sports. “I’ve always supported them so it was a dream for me.“When you are a kid you think you are going to play for Liverpool but my mum and dad always did try and warn me that things could go wrong. There were times when I could’ve moved on to other clubs before I eventually got released and chose not to against my mum and dad’s advice. Paul Mullin has only played 14 games this season.In those 14 games, however, the Cambridge striker has chalked up an astonishing 13 goals. It’s the best return the 26-year-old has ever posted and the campaign is little more than three months old. There are still 35 league games to play.- Advertisement – Saturday 14th November 2:00pm – Advertisement – “When you are a forward, you are judged on the goals you score,” he adds. “Other times in my career I moved positions to play out wide and was still judged on the goals I scored because I was still classed as a forward player. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had a manager who has really trusted me to play up front.“The gaffer fully trusts me, believes in me and respects what I do. He’s brilliant with me and has really brought us together as a group and stamped down the way he wants us to play. Thankfully we’ve been doing him a favour but he also does us a lot of favours; he takes pressure off us and just outlines what we need to do every week.“Equally important is the fact I’ve got players around me who are creating chances for me and giving me a platform to go and play well and score the goals.”Taking Mullin under his wing might just be the single most important decision Bonner makes all season. 1:37 Highlights of the Sky Bet League Two match between Cambridge and Salford. Gillette Soccer Saturday  Image:The 26-year-old spent two years with Tranmere before his move to the Abbey Stadiumlast_img read more

Nations League: Northern Ireland’s Niall McGinn and Jordan Thompson out of Austria game | Football News

first_img Highlights of the European Championship Qualifying Path B play-off final between Northern Ireland and Slovakia Saville has returned to England for personal reasons, having missed Middlesbrough’s final match before the international window due to a family emergency.However, Ian Baraclough said all other players were available – including Craig Cathcart and Paddy McNair, who both hobbled off against Slovakia, and Stuart Dallas who played much of the game with an elbow injury. A string of changes could still be made, with Baraclough and his staff to assess fatigue levels from a physically and emotionally draining 120 minutes of action before making the selection for Sunday’s match.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – The defeat to Slovakia has led to much discussion over whether there could be a changing of the guard within the Northern Ireland squad, but Baraclough has rejected suggestions it represented the end of an era, and is already looking to a World Cup qualifying campaign that will start in March.“The draw is in three weeks’ time and the next time we get together as a group it will be the World Cup,” he said. “We have quickly tried to shift onto that now.” 5:27 preview image Niall McGinn and Jordan Thompson will not travel to Vienna for Northern Ireland’s Nations League match against Austria on Sunday night, live on Sky Sports, while George Saville has left the camp entirely.Aberdeen winger McGinn and Stoke midfielder Thompson are both carrying injuries sustained in Thursday’s 2-1 Euro 2020 qualifying play-off final defeat to Slovakia.- Advertisement – Kick off 7:45pm “Whoever takes to the pitch against Austria has their chance of staking a claim,” Baraclough said.The Austria match is the first of two Nations League fixtures for Northern Ireland in the next few days, with their final Group B1 game at home to Romania on Wednesday night, live on Sky Sports Mix.With only one point from four games so far, Northern Ireland are at risk of relegation in a tournament they have never enjoyed, and their fate may come down to their meeting with second-bottom Romania in Belfast depending on results this weekend. Wednesday 18th November 7:30pm – Advertisement – 7 September 2020; Jordan Thompson of Northern Ireland during the UEFA Nations League B match between Northern Ireland and Norway at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park in Belfast. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/SportsfileImage:Jordan Thompson was injured in Northern Ireland’s loss to Slovakia on Thursday The challenge will be as much mental as physical for Northern Ireland after their Euro 2020 hopes were extinguished in cruel fashion at Windsor Park.“It’s important to have individual chats with the guys and reiterate they did not let anybody down the other night and, for me, anytime they pull on the green jersey it means something to them,” Baraclough said. “Getting them up for games is never a problem.“Yes, there’s the disappointment, but you have to put that to the back of you and try and finish these (Nations League) games as strongly as possible.”last_img read more