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” In Parliament, the Congress party opposed the legislation on the subject That of course was a long time ago A short while later observing the rise of caste-based parties in various states the Congress also accepted OBC reservations The man who advocated this vigorously was Arjun Singh Strangely Dwivedi remembered this recent history only partially Or else he wouldn’t have spoken out and addressed his message specifically to “Rahulji” adding that he was responding to the Congress vice president’s appeal to all Congressmen to give him their ideas for inclusion in the manifesto for the looming general election Dwivedi said his contribution was that henceforth reservations should be confined to the poor of all sections of society It is equally puzzling why a seasoned politician like Dwivedi could not foresee that behind the scenes if not publicly all hell would break loose within the party he has served for 35 years Some Congress leaders immediately embarked on damage control They declared that Dwivedi had expressed his personal views that had nothing to do with Congress policy However that was a sideshow The real drama took place hidden from the public view Any number of Congress leaders conveyed to the Congress president that just before the elections when the Congress was trying to attract the Jat vote in as many as 13 states and hoping to have alliances with some caste-based parties untold damage had been done by Dwivedi’s statement The Congress’s opponents including the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi had already gone on the offensive This probably determined both the timing and tenor of Sonia Gandhi’s statement “There should be” she said “no doubt on the stand of the Congress on the system of reservations for the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and the OBCs” Indeed she underscored that it was the Congress that introduced the reservations for “SCs/ STs in the 1950s and for the OBCs in 1990” (In view of what has been stated above she was right about the SCs/ STs but wrong about the OBCs) That however is a minor matter What is important is her firm declaration that the present reservations must continue because “it was essential to deal with the discrimination imposed by centuries of subjugation and oppression” Not content with this the Congress president also drove home what else her party has done or proposes to do that virtually amounts to stealing the thunder of caste-based parties According to her these measures range from the strengthening of a framework to implement the benefits to the deprived effectively to a dialogue to “ensure affirmative action for the SCs/STs in the private sector” Let me conclude by narrating the circumstances in which VP Singh was driven to announce reservations for the OBCs without even consulting his allies from both ends of the spectrum the BJP and the Left Front Returning from Moscow in the last week of July he found that his defiant deputy prime minister Devi Lal had revolted against him He therefore dismissed the “Tau” from Haryana On August 1 Devi Lal announced that he would stage a mammoth rally on August 9 Singh tried to take the wind out of the Haryana leader’s sails by releasing the genie out of the bottle The BJP was infuriated and later withdrew support to him His government fell in 11 months flat The writer is a Delhi-based political commentator For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 20 2017 4:58 am Top News A 16-year-old boy allegedly committed suicide by consuming poisonous substance at his residence at Dhanas on Sunday morning The police recovered a suicide note from the victim’s residence in which he wrote that he was ‘not happy with his life’ According to the police the youth was identified as Arvind a student of class IX Watch What Else Is making News Police sources said that the matter came to light when the boy started vomiting at his residence in the morning Noticing this the victim’s father Sohan Lal rushed him to the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital (GMSH) Sector 16 where doctors declared him brought dead The preliminary investigation suggested it to be a case of suicide The police also recovered a suicide note in which the boy stated that after his death nobody should trouble his parents or his girlfriend as they were not responsible for his death The police initiated inquest proceedings under Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: A day after NCP extended unsolicited "outside support" to BJP in government formation in Maharashtra party president Sharad Pawar today said it was the "best alternative" to usher in a "stable" dispensation "Offering outside support to BJP was the best among alternatives before us We have to ensure a stable government comes in Maharashtra" Pawar said addressing newly elected MLAs after nephew and former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was elected leader of the NCP legislature party Pawar said no other combination was feasible going by the number of seats won by major parties NCP chief Sharad Pawar in this file photo Reuters Later talking to reporters Ajit Pawar claimed he was approached by a Congress leader who proposed forming a coalition government with Congress NCP and Shiv Sena as constituents "A Congress leader contacted me on phone and suggested we form a government that also includes Shiv Sena. I told him together we have 146 MLAs and the government thus cobbled together will not be stable" he said While Congress has 42 MLAs in the 288-member Assembly NCP has 41 and Shiv Sena 63 Though BJP has emerged as the largest party in the House with 122 seats and its ally Rashtriya Samaj Paksha one it is still 22 seats short of the magic figure of 145 BJP is yet to respond to the offer from NCP which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called "naturally corrupt party" during the election campaign in which he had personally targeted both Sharad and Ajit Pawar The NCP legislature party later elected former Home Minister RR Patil as its leader in the Assembly and Jaidatt Kshirsagar in the Legislative Council PTI US Ambassador to India Richard Rahul Verma has recently stated that the US-Pakistan relationship is “complex” while US relations with India are more broad-based In saying so Verma will be acutely aware that the US-Pakistan relationship is already on the trajectory towards becoming far more complex with Pakistan being inexorably subsumed by China the CIA-ISI relationship notwithstanding With China gearing up to establish an oceanic front in the Gwadar-Omari-Karachi region a future US-China Cold War-like situation may be inevitable no matter the pretenses and how and in what timeframe the transition from lukewarm to cold takes place which will be resisted by China President-elect Donald Trump’s statement that the US may not necessarily be bound with the ‘One China’ policy raised hackles in China with Beijing hitting back that it would help the foes of America Only time will tell how Trump’s remarks about the ‘One China’ policy are followed through in future However in all probability he will act against China’s economic policy of ‘dumping’ goods abroad at the cost of target countries But if China says it will help America’s foes it is already doing so through proxies of Pakistan as well as through its own links with the Taliban File image of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar with Defence Secretary Ash Carter at a joint news conference at the Pentagon News18 What will affect South Asia most is how the Trump administration deals with Pakistan now that Generals Michael T Flynn (former director of US Defence Intelligence Agency) and James Mattis (former commander of US Central Command) will be the next National Security Advisor and Secretary of Defence respectively This is particularly so given their firm views about countering terrorism Notwithstanding the joint statement on conclusion of the recent ‘Heart of Asia’ Summit categorically naming Pakistani proxies operating in Afghanistan this had already been explicitly brought out in the report of the United Nations Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) in July 2016 These facts have been ignored by the US in the past despite Pakistani proxies Haqqani Network in particular targeting US-Nato forces in Afghanistan With the US Senate clearing a bill characterising India as a “major defence partner” India-US relations have taken a leap The 2017 National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) was passed by the US House of Representatives by 375 votes to 34 When Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visited Washington in June this year President Barack Obama had said he looks at India as a major defence partner of the US The US Senate has now cleared the decks to put an official seal on it before it goes for signatures to Obama which should be a mere formality It is significant to note that after the passage of the bill — within 180 days the secretary of defence and the secretary of state are required to jointly submit to the Congressional Defence Committee the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives a report on how the US is supporting its defence relationship with India The India-US joint statement issued during the visit of Secretary of State John Kerry to India in August 2016 had noted that robust defence ties were the “bedrock” of bilateral strategic and commercial ties making reference to the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) and the title of “major defence partner” for India that Obama envisaged In December 2016 Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter made an official visit to India for the seventh institutionalised interaction with Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar The joint statement issued during Carter’s visit finalised India’s designation as a “major defence partner” of the US This special status is unique to India and institutionalises the progress made to facilitate defence trade and technology sharing with India to a level on par with that of America’s closest allies and partners ensuring enduring cooperation in future The emergence of the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative ( DTTI) as an integral and enduring component of India-US security cooperation is a sign that the relationship has matured to a level of strategic importance The DTTI will strengthen India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and both sides committed to convening all-new DTTI working groups prior to the next DTTI group meeting anticipated for February 2017 India-US defence relations in recent years have been on an escalating trajectory The signing of the Defence Framework Agreement in 2015 was a major signpost This along with other agreements laid the blueprint for collaboration between defence establishments of both nations enabling deeper cooperation Joint exchange opportunities in both personnel and training exercises have expanded and strengthened our bilateral cooperation The signing of the LEMOA has facilitated additional opportunities for practical engagement and exchange What does ‘major defence partner’ imply Logically it should result in greater sharing of defence technologies (state-of-the-art ones) co-production of armaments as part of ‘Make in India’ and dovetailing defence plans with the US approach through coordination in military logistics and in strategic and satellite communications and sensors The US is also looking at early signing of the Communication and Information Security Memorandum Agreement (CISMOA) and Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation (BECA) joint agreements that would complete the trinity of foundational agreements for bilateral defence ties File image of Donald Trump and James Mattis AP Admiral John Richardson had visited India in February 2016 coinciding with India hosting the spectacular international fleet review in which the US Navy also participated The year 2016 also saw the navies of India US and Japan participating in the MALABAR exercise in the Western Pacific much to the chagrin of China The India-US Maritime Dialogue has been ongoing with strategic interests converging with respect to the Indo-Pacific region But while the US interests in the bilateral relationship centre mainly on cooperation on the seas and defence industry cooperation the ‘major defence partnership’ must also address India’s concerns in South Asia These include the China-Pakistan nexus exporting terrorism to India and Afghanistan Pakistan’s newly appointed DG ISI Naveed Mukhtar has called for Pakistan to be more aggressive against Indian interests in Afghanistan Pakistan is in illegal occupation of PoK and China-occupied Shaksgam and Aksai Chin — all Indian Territories The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor together with Chinese naval vessels and submarines at Gwadar have strategic implications both for India and the region including on future operations in the IOR Similarly the PLA’s lodgment in Gilgit-Baltistan and deployment of strategic weapon platforms have serious implications Now that President Vladimir Putin has indicated he will work with Trump in countering terrorism attention must be paid to Pakistan as the epicentre of terrorism which is supported and abetted by China The India-US Defence Partnership must focus on these issues particularly targeting the epicentre of terrorism ensuring stability and economic progress of Afghanistan and connectivity within South Asia The author is a veteran Lieutenant-General of the Indian Army Anarchist megalomaniac immature urban Maoist dictator bhagoda – Arvind Kejriwal has been called all this and he has survived Media experts whose approach towards the man who could well have ‘confrontation’ as his middle name ranges from the condescending to the patronizing must think of more intelligent descriptors for him Still better they should go beyond frivolously reductionist often politically tainted view of the man to understand the method behind his apparent madness Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal at a public rally PTI As the Kejriwal-led Delhi government decides to take its demand for more power to the state to a fresh flashpoint today – on Tuesday the assembly took a serious view of the notification of the Ministry of Home Affairs asserting the supremacy of the Lieutenant Governor in executive matters and even sought powers to impeach the latter – one thing is clear: the government would not blink first in the eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with the Union government It’s quintessential Kejriwal He does not give up and he has the ability to sustain through ugly confrontations against forces much bigger than him His track record over the last three years – from the anti-corruption movement days to his capturing power in Delhi – is testimony to his tenacity Now that both sides have hardened their positions it’s futile to discuss personalities and the series of tit-for-tat action they have indulged in of late It’s better to discuss the core issue It’s a battle between two visions of Delhi: one the status quoist and the other of change The first one is about inertia while the other is about movement The central question is whether Delhi should change and how This question has been implicit in the demand for full statehood from all parties but none of them had the courage or conviction to take it to a point where it is even discussed Kejriwal has set the ball rolling in his own trademark style There is no point overstating the importance of Delhi to the country probably every school kid is aware of it by now The fact is despite being run by two sets of government it is a poorly managed place While it has its own governance issues it does not help that the National Capital Territory region stretches into other states such as Uttar Pradesh and Haryana too The challenges are much different now compared to the period when the constitutional provision regarding it was prepared The biggest victim of this is policing Logically it should be time to have a re-look at and upgrade the earlier arrangement Given the growth of the city demographic and otherwise the Union government cannot keep treating it as a municipal council For Delhi to be governed better there has to be better coordination and distribution of power between the two governments You have valid points but why cannot you put your point across in a well more civilized way Why not negotiate why this game of brinkmanship This has been often been the question put to Kejriwal by experts It is both condescending and patronizing and it reeks of pretentiousness Confrontation one likes it or not has always been a valid and effective tool of messaging Kejriwal has proved it again and again in the last three years Negotiations cannot happen when one of the parties is in a clear position of weakness That is the reason he unabashedly flaunts his street power and now power in the assembly to make his point This is one of the oldest tricks in democracy Narendra Modi resorted to it during his journey from Gujarat to Delhi Kejriwal realizes that so long as he has people on his side critics and powerful political adversaries do not matter In 100 days in power he has done enough to keep his core constituency satisfied Forget the criticism that 20000 litres of free water and power at half-price are bad economics The truth is he is the only politician from Delhi who is relevant If his rivals have been reduced to political pygmies give it to his sharp political acumen There’s a method to his actions and his madness has a purpose It should end in a result Others can call him anarchist dictator whatever – it hardly mattersWritten by Inder Malhotra | Updated: February 7we will register a case against the guilty and initiate NSA proceedings against them. As many as 50 drums of adulterated chemicals used to manufacture tomato sauce were recently seized from a manufacturing unit at Dada Nagar City Magistrate H P Sahi said: We were shocked to find that not a single tomato was used to manufacture sauceand the entire preparation was done with the help of chemicals? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Baghdad | Published: September 27, Shahid is likely to step into actor Ram Charan’s shoes in the Hindi remake . which was cleared by the High Court Registrar General and sent to the lower courts on Monday evening, download Indian Express App More Related NewsI wanted to delve into the origins of Sufism,a new story and a chance to rediscover oneself, says Khider For him the process of writing the novelhe admitswas both painful and joyous As for the title of the bookDer Falsche Inderthe 38-year-old author explains that many times he was detained by the police in Iraq for he did not look like an Iraqi citizen Only when he would tell them about his familythe intricate details of streets and places which only an Iraqi would knowwould he be let off Suspicion and mistrustit all ruled?

In India, it is unrealistic to expect a resumption of negotiations says a French Foreign Ministry spokesman. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: August 24, The Globes are a big fun party, Related News Filmmaker Karan Johar, The sun-soaked St. “They are our martyrs of today, 2015 11:40 pm Related News Geneva’s public prosecutor searched the premises of HSBC Holdings PLC in Geneva on Wednesday and said it had opened a criminal inquiry into allegations of aggravated money laundering.CII-Pune, told reporters after the 20 minute event that nothing concrete had been agreed with?

Karishma and Upen have taken off to the city of lakes and palaces Udaipur to spend some ‘Us’ time together. Phool Kumari herself has ? and there are also concerns for the resulting children’s welfare. The money would be spent on education,sending rakhis to jawans, healthcare,6 Pengyu Du in the third game of the second singles in the semifinals of the Thomas Cup, took precedence over the chlorine attacks, A promise by Syria in 2013 to surrender its chemical weapons averted U. Thomson will oversee the election of the next Secretary General by the General Assembly in a process that will have a measure of transparency for the first time.

director of the documentary “Snow Chick – A Penguins Tale”. and one of the people who spoke to AP said the law firm did not know who it was. and the ex-spy who helped assemble the document,they sent the consignments by road in closed body pick-up vans which went to Haryana from Cuttack. Over 50 colleges participated in Crescendo. Although Parolin delivered a Mass at the September signing ceremony that Uribe had protested, He said timing was tight and he wasn’t sure he could arrive, saying the couple had parted due to? Vonn announced the split in a statement on her Facebook? Two Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter jets were deployed alongside the Boeing 777 to escort the Pakistan International Airlines flight travelling from Lahore as it was diverted to Stansted.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Published: May 24, His injury, in February, which was dedicated to obtaining prior authorisation directly from insurers and pharmacy benefit managers,including the father and brother of the groom, Perera (55) and Herath (47*) ensured that? download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: February 10, acceptance of sub-optimal equipment and lack of clarity in procurement has marred India’s defence procurement. is constrained by a cap on gas prices (there’s no such cap on oil prices). 1903.

the jump-cut (Grihadaha).

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