Appeal cautiously suspends Lightning sanctions for insults to Zozulia

first_imgThe Appeals Committee has lifted this Friday the sanctions against Rayo Vallecano for the Zozulia case, for now. The competition decision to fine the franjirrojo team with 18,000 euros, to close the stand responsible for insults to the Ukrainian striker of Albacete for the next two games and resume the Rayo-Albacete behind closed doors, it is suspended on a precautionary basis.To decide on the matter, the Committee gives the club more time to present and expand its appeal until January 14 and will study the sanctions later: “This Appeal Committee considers the content of the resource already raised and the rest of the documentation in the file insufficient to resolve the merits of the matter. Certainly, given that the appellant club announces the extension with in-depth arguments within the time frame that it has in place, this Committee considers it essential to assess those arguments announced to decide on a matter of special relevance such as the one that gives rise to the appeal filed before us ”, they affirm in the document. Thus the subscribers of the fund will be able to access the stadium of Vallecas already from the match against Girona this Sunday. LaBiga SmartBank* Data updated as of January 3, 2020 The complicated relationship between Zozulia and Vallecas began three years ago, when Lightning signed the striker, who then played at Betis. The team’s followers rejected the Ukrainian for allegedly posing with Nazi and fascist symbology and expressed their outrage during their first workouts. At the end, Zozulia gave up staying in Vallecas and returned to Betis where he remained without playing the rest of the season.The player returned to Vallecas to play the game on December 15, but the referee López Toca suspended him during the break “as a result of the display of banners and the songs delivered by a sector of the local fans against Zozulia”. On December 27 Competition sanctioned Lightning, something that the club president, Raúl Martín Presa, defined as “unfair.” “We are a victim and Lightning is being punished and fined. It is an atrocity to sanction the club with 18,000 euros for events that it has not been able to avoid, ”he said. With the suspension of the sanctions, Appeal grants the Lightning a moment of respite.See the full Appeal resolution.last_img read more

Jenni Hermoso: “If Madrid comes to add, welcome be”

first_imgIn the end the Tacon shirt has another shield. When it is Madrid everything will sell more. His arrival can join the League and I hope so, even if they are late. In women’s football we need people to help this grow. If Real Madrid comes to add, welcome be.After playing at Atleti and Barça, would you like to try the Real Madrid shirt?I have never been clear about what I am going to do next season. Here at Barça I am happy and I am where I want to be. In the future it will be seen. It could be Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano or any team. My present is in Barcelona and I will make the most of it. Why do you decide to return to Barça this summer?It was the soap opera of a very busy summer. Returning to Barça was an option that I always had in my head, despite the good year I signed with Atleti.She is the Spanish player of the moment. Did you ever imagine that you would reach this level?I never imagined it. I’ve been to different places, where I learned and matured a lot. Everything made me reach what I am now, based on work.Do you regret going to Switzerland or France?Now I tell you that I do not regret it, although there were many moments in which I regretted some decision. The year in Paris was overcoming in every way. I had no illusion for football and thought about quitting. I met another Jenni.What differences are there between Barça that he left in 2017 and the one he found this summer?Everything has changed. The level is much higher. We have a more compensated team in all positions.What is the key to the success of this team?We are all very clear about what we can contribute and how we can help. Let’s go to one, play who plays.Is there a contrast of playing before 32,068 people to do it normally before a thousand?It changes a lot. In a full field, it seems that you are physically different. Playing in San Mamés is one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced in football. His hobby deserves all the applause they give. At Johan Cruyff we are also getting a very good average attendance.How do you experience the rise of this category?We are seeing that the monitoring is increasing. In the World Cup people turned and have now been hooked on this category.It is said that the arrival of Madrid will help this growth. Is there any expectation for it? How do they face the match against Tacon after 9-1?It will be completely different. We should have enjoyed that 9-1 more, because the Tacon tomorrow is not going to leave us so many occasions. They have a very positive dynamic and it will be more difficult to win.After the Tacon, comes the Cup, the Super Cup, the Champions …Starting this month, a fairly strong tide is coming. Hopefully we will arrive in May in all the finals. We are preparing physically for it.He is in a great scoring form. Is there any secret?I have no secret. I always say that I am a player who has not been scoring goals. I like to play between the lines or give the pass. The goal scoring came to me at Barça, which put me forward and not false nine and had more chances to score. It was then that I stayed two seasons as a League pichichi. I still score goals, but I think I have more than a goal and I can give more to the team. I don’t want everything to be based on me scoring goals and work to make it happen.Do you have any mania before jumping into the field?I usually tie my boots two or three times before going out to the field. Until I see that my feet are squeezed equally I am not going quiet.How did football come to Jenni Hermoso?I always played in the park with my grandparents, to whom I always dedicated my goals because they continue to support me from above. When I was very young, I got into the school’s futsal team and when I couldn’t play anymore with children at age 12 I went to Atleti school. It all started there.His grandfather, who was also a footballer …Yes. He was the Atleti goalkeeper, the only athlete in the family. And, well, I am the second.They compare him a lot with Ibrahimovic …I have been told enough. I look like some tactical aspects. I wish he had his back to play like him.Who has been your reference?I always looked at players like Zidane, Solari or Mijatovic. Now, I also like Messi a lot.And his dream as a footballer?The first thing is to win the League and then it would be a dream to be in the Champions League final.How do you see your future after football?I believe that all my future will have to do a lot with football. I hope that the injuries respect me and that I continue to have many years of enjoyment. Now I want to think that I have a lot of football left on my feet. Jenni Hermoso poses for AS in the Sports City of Barça.Gorka Leiza – Diario AS The gift of the goal is an innate quality in Jenni Hermoso. The front easily finds the goal every time she puts her tight boots on the grass (she says she ties her laces several times until she feels the same pressure on both feet). And that, as she herself indicates in an interview with AS, her own are not goals. “I have not been to score goals. I like to play between the lines or give the pass,” he says. The Madrid, who returns this Saturday (16:30) to her homeland to measure herself at the Tacon, tells that she never imagined reaching this level, the one that keeps him as a pichichi since the previous season, when he raised the league title with Atleti. He left the club rojiblanco for Barça, in which he had already added two pichichis years ago, to continue shining. And, for now, he is getting it. In her boots there is a lot of goal or a lot of football, as she wishes it was for a long time. With 29 years, and if the injuries respect him, he will surely give us more than one goal thanks to a talent he learned in the streets of his neighborhood with his grandparents, to whom he now dedicates each of his triumphs game after game. Gorka Leiza – Diario AS ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Jenni Hermoso poses for AS in the Sports City of Barça.Gorka Leiza – Diario ASlast_img read more

Fabinho: “We are going to win the Premier League”

first_imgLiverpool midfielder Fabinho spoke at Telefoot about his injury, the arrival of Robert Moreno in Monaco, about the situation of the team in the English league and how Jürgen Klopp helped him adapt to the team when he arrived. In addition, he responded to a questionnaire in which he replied that Mbappé will win the Golden Ball before Neymar.Ankle injury: “My ankle is better. I trained alone this week. I touch the ball, I feel good and confident.”The Monaco bench and the arrival of Robert Moreno: “I think three coach changes are not good. I hope there is more continuity now.” Premier League champion looks: “Liverpool will be England champion this season.”Continue with the streak: “I hope we don’t break up. This season is amazing. We have a lot of confidence to keep it up. Several players evolve at a very high level.”Klopp helped him adapt in Liverpool: “There was a change. It was a bit difficult when I started in the club, but then it made me join when I got to the team.”Will Mbappé win the Golden Ball ahead of Neymar ?: “Yes”.last_img read more

Two out of three Internet users believe that De Jong’s goal is well annulled users have it clear: the goal annulled to De Jong should not go up to the scoreboard. Almost two out of every three Internet users considered the decision of Martínez Munuera, the referee of Real Madrid-Sevilla, that land it has been worth the criticism of much of the sevillism. 65%, almost twenty thousand users, of the participants in our survey consider that the goal of the Dutch striker was anti-regulatory, while 35%, just over ten thousand, consider that the Valencian referee was wrong in his decision. De Jong’s goal went up to the scoreboard, but Martínez Munuera went to check it on the VAR monitor after receiving a notice from the VOR room. In the images you could see a Gudelj blockade on Militao that, not only prevents him from defending the play, but also knocks down the Brazilian, who was the marker of the Dutch battering ram. Finally, the Valencian referee decided to cancel De Jong’s goal, understanding that Gudelj had disregarded the ball in the play. Eduardo Iturralde González, arbitration analyst of AS and Carrusel Deportivo, explained the decision: “The tackle is prohibited in football. The Sevilla player makes a small movement to go for the Madrid player. In the regulation the blockade does not exist. Yes it is pita the blocking for me is missing. If we call this block via VAR, we must be attentive to whistle them all. The blockage is seen if there is movement of the forward towards the defender, it is not the same that you are still to move to plate“.last_img read more

Food and performances to make pineapple before Seville and Liverpool

first_imgThe Athletic has entered the decisive phase of the season and from the dome they want to convey all the support to the coaching staff and the players in the face of what is coming. Before the game against Liverpool, the squad He made two group meals to make pineapple. This Wednesday, for the double date against Sevilla and Liverpool, the team has reunited after training. This time it has been in the Wanda Metropolitano, in the new restaurant El Gran Escenario. Again It has been Michelangelo Gil, who already invited the staff in the previous group appointments, who has put the initiative on the table. CEO wants to help the twinning of the costumes and, in addition, that everyone knew the restaurant, which opened its doors to the public last Thursday.Atlético could enjoy in the Great Stage, a new gastronomic experience in Madrid by Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, not only of food, but of musical performances. A moment of disconnection to continue preparing the next matches. If the exams go well against Sevilla and Liverpool, there will be reasons of joy for a new meal of conjuration …last_img read more

Three Alavés players test positive for coronavirus

first_imgCuriously, it was the communication from the basketball team who prepared the document and sent it to the media. On the discomfort that generated that close to a hundred young and asymptomatic people were subjected to the controls at a time when it is impossible to pass the test in Vitoria, the club has been blunt: “the club made the decision to practice the tests within the responsibility policy with the people who are part of the workforce and the results have shown that it was the best way to urgently locate cases and implement preventive measures to reduce, as far as possible, infections . The people involved are asymptomatic and in good health“The Alavés statement Alavés and Baskonia passed tests for the coronavirus on Monday. They were made by players, coaches, assistants and employees of the entity, both linked to the basketball and soccer clubs.Well, the data is already known: A total of 15 people have tested positive, 3 of them belonging to the LaLiga team. There are 7 linked to the coaching staff (watch out for the possibility that one of them is Asier Garitano himself). The remaining five are workers. In Baskonia there have been no affected and that is a more traveling group than Alavés. For now, the identity of those affected has not transpired since they want to safeguard their privacy.last_img read more

“Players will have to sacrifice part of their chip”

first_img“If there are no competitions, the sponsor can argue that it does not have visibility, and it is understandable, because it will have all the right not to pay, just like the partner. If this lengthens, it is normal that there are a series of rethinks and the players would have to make an effort. At the moment, only one day has been suspended. Now the moment is serious, but not very serious. But if in two weeks we remain the same, which gives this impression, because this will not normalize until September, everyone he will have to sacrifice himself, “he argued.De Liébana defended the viability of the clubs and he pointed out: “What cannot be consented to is that the clubs are in the pillory as a consequence of this so extraordinary and unpredictable. If the players do not want to give up their money, the viability of most entities will be difficult. to see how the television rights clause works, among others. ” “For clubs that are modest, like Espanyol, which receives 50 million television from the 80’s of its budget, the entrance in a pothole is almost the destination at the moment. LaLiga has already put the loss at almost 700 million euros. Clubs like Barcelona and Madrid are going to be hooked on fear, because they have different routes of entry, such as television, Champions, sponsorships, etc., and with the tap turned off … “, he stressed.“The tap has run dry and the most important spending chapter, the chip payment, has not stopped. Here the following circumstance occurs: the clubs count each month with the money they deposit each month; television, both, sponsors, both; and box office, both. Therefore, there is going to be an imbalance of a magnitude that can be brutal, with each team on its scale, “he concluded. The economist José Gay de Liébana considers that if the coronavirus crisis persists, in the impact it has on sport, and specifically in LaLiga, the players “will have to sacrifice part of their signing to make the clubs viable, or else there will be serious problems in the entities.”In a telephone conversation with EFE, Gay de Liébana forcefully explained what he considers “a very critical moment” for the viability of the entities “if this unemployment persists”, which considers that if it lasts a few more weeks it should lead the federations to “neutralize the championships and start again from scratch from next season to avoid sports injustices “De Liébana is one of the most visible sports economists on the Spanish scene, and he usually presents and compares the numbers of the major soccer leagues in Europe at his conferences, almost always sending an alert message because many of the entities “live beyond their means”, and openly pointing out what he sees as a new “soccer bubble”.With the unexpected situation that has invaded the daily lives of millions of citizens around the world, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, De Liébana considers that this is a time when the economic fragility of sports institutions could lead to more than one to go through a trance between survival and disappearance. Given this unexpected moment, De Liébana has demanded that the representatives of the players and the athletes themselves, as well as the AFE, understand that if the situation persists “The footballers should make a gesture with the entities and download the chips this season.”Gay de Liébana, who is in the process of treatment for a cancer that he himself announced a few months ago, which makes him a very vulnerable factor at the moment, assured that everyone “has to resist the moment, but some owe more than others”. “The players would have to give up in good part of their record, because as long as there are no competitions, the clubs will stop entering. I don’t know what will happen to the season, but I think a gesture that would honor them would be to stop entering part of their chips. The clubs are going to have to take action because the most important sources of their income are not going to come to them: television rights, marketing and box office, “he explained.last_img read more

Monchi and his Sevilla 2.0

first_imgThe ‘machine’ selects finally about 30 elected in each position, ideals for the game concept that exists at that time or is going to exist and also fulfilling the coach’s demand, in this case Julen Lopetegui. In a mea culpa as few assume in football, Monchi acknowledges the error of not having guessed what the coach asked for … As happened with Marcelino García Toral in 2012: “I feel largely guilty that Marcelino It won’t end up working in Sevilla. I did not know how to make a template with the necessary profiles for your game model “. With the new algorithm, create the gaditano, this will be much more difficult to happen.“Before, it was almost all by intuition. Now the data allows us to be sure in some aspects. But it is impossible to replace the human eye. It is clear that before signing a footballer for many millions, you have to see him many times on the pitch, and also to know other aspects of how the person is. Because the players are not Swiss watches, “says Monchi. The player from Cádiz talks about the footballer’s personal life. Diego Carlos, a calm and familiar center-back off the field, is a physical beast on the pitch. It cost 15 million and there are already teams that offer between three and four times more. In that case this Monchi 2.0 has not changed, Already in his first stage as sports director of Sevilla he managed to raise more than 200 million in capital gains. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 17, 2020 Monchi evolves and is revolutionized. Standard-bearer for Moneyball, the sports director of Seville returned to Nervión a year ago with the slogan of further improving if possible what had already worked almost like nowhere else in the world, that ability to sign almost unknown people and turn them into gold, within the fields and also in the international market. That is why it has set up, is still developing, an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Big Data department.No less than 18,000 footballers from all corners of the planet currently manage the technical secretariat of Seville thanks to technology. About 1,600 per position. “Big Data is the future or rather the present of soccer. Those who don’t take care of it will be left behind. The data reduces risk and helps us make decisions. It should be a tool to browse more easily, to intuit the price that a soccer player will have and also to try to know the risk of future injuries “, assures the King Midas of world soccer.last_img read more

Madrid against Chelsea in the European Cup, never, never, never …

first_imgLiverpool have been the different nice opponent of the Whites in Europe. They’ve performed two finals, the 1981 European Cup in Paris (1-Zero for the Reds) and the 2018 one in Kiev, with Zidane’s 3-1 triumph (Bale’s double and a purpose by Benzema). Additionally they crossed paths in two heats. In the 2008-09 season, he defeated in the first leg at the Bernabéu in the spherical of 16 (0-1) and debacle in Anfield on the return leg (4-0). In the 2013-14 educational yr, destiny united them in the group stage. Ancelotti’s males shone at Anfield (0-3) with an ideal Cristiano, and so they additionally gained at the Bernabéu (1-0).The third commonest English rival is the different Manchester workforce, Metropolis. On three events they crossed paths. The primary in the 2012-13 season in the group stage, with a victory remembered at the Bernabéu (Mourinho’s celebration was sounded with each knees caught in the grass) after a comeback in the final minutes (he gained 3-2 with a purpose Cristiano) and tied at Ettihad Metropolis (1-1). Three seasons later, the faces met once more, with Zidane on the white bench and Pellegrini on the citizen bench. It was in the semifinals. 0-0 in the first leg of Ettihad and 1-0 in the return of the Bernabéu (Bale). Then he would win the Champions League in Milan against Atlético de Madrid.With Leeds United there was a cross in the 2000-01 season, with Figo already signed. They crossed in the group of the second group. White triumph 0-2 at Leeds and one other success at the Bernabéu, though struggling (3-2), with a well-known purpose by Raúl with the hand just like Maradona’s to England in Mexico 86. In the following course,Actual Madrid and Leeds confronted one another in 2000-01. The journey with the English rivals ends with Tottenham, with which it has been measured in two seasons: 2010-11 and 2017-18. In the first case, Mourinho’s Madrid went like a airplane and went over the Spurs (4-Zero at the Bernabéu and 0-1 in London). The rematch was taken by these of Pochettino in the group stage of the 2017-18 season, profitable in London with an ideal match (3-1). At the Bernabéu, these of Zidane didn’t move the draw (1-1) … however then they ended up profitable the Tredécima defeating one other English participant in the ultimate: Liverpool. However with Chelsea, there is no such thing as a precedent in the European Cup. Never, never, never. Nonetheless, with different English golf equipment it has been extra frequent to see Madrid gamble its status and its future in the most continental competitors. Particularly, it has held a complete of 18 heats, or what’s the similar, 36 video games. No doubt, Madrid’s nice English rival in the European Cup is Manchester United. And, moreover, it was the first. In 1957 they crossed paths in a qualifying spherical in the semifinals. The Di Stéfano, Gento and firm gained 3-1 at the Bernabéu and at Previous Trafford they equaled two. Madrid then gained the title in the ultimate against Fiorentina (2-0). His second crossing with the crimson devils was in 1968. Additionally in the semifinals. At Previous Trafford, slight benefit for the English (1-0). And on the return leg at the Bernabéu, United handed after drawing (3-3) in a recreation that ended up dropping 3-1. Then they’d be champions by thrashing Benfica in the ultimate (4-1). The third crossing takes us again to the yr 2000, from the Eighth of Madrid with Del Bosque on the bench. They have been measured in the quarterfinals. 0-Zero at the Bernabéu and 2-Three at Previous Trafford with the double by Raúl and the magical heel transfer by Fernando Redondo. Three years later the faces met once more, this time in the quarterfinals. Whites win in the first leg of the Bernabéu (3-1) and nice match at Previous Trafford (4-3) with an imperial hat-trick by Ronald Nazario. The fifth and final time the faces have been seen was in the knockout levels of the 2012-13 Champions League. The primary leg, common (1-1 at the Bernabéu). However the return at Previous Trafford was a beautiful victory (1-1) with two objectives from Modric and Cristiano.Actual Madrid and United met in 2000. My good friend Pepe, from Vélez-Málaga, a superb Madrid participant and a voracious soccer fanatic, threw my reminiscence to see if he was in a position to uncover a single duel between Madrid and Chelsea in the European Cup (because it was known as till 1992) or Champions League (because it has been known as since the 1992-93 season). I shortly remembered that ultimate in Athens in 1971, which required a tiebreaker with the first being 1-1 (with an agonizing purpose by Ignacio Zoco close to the ultimate whistle). Two days later, in the replay, the Whites misplaced the title (2-1, with objectives from Webb, Osgood and Fleitas) and Paco Gento mentioned goodbye to soccer, leaving an imperial resume regardless of that defeat. In any case, that was the Recopa, the solely continental competitors that the indeniable King of Europe resisted. There was just one different direct match with Chelsea, and it was the 1998 European Tremendous Cup performed in Monaco. Madrid agreed as the new European champion (the Seventh gained in Amsterdam to Juventus de Zidane) and Chelsea for conquering the Recopa by defeating Stuttgart in the ultimate play in Stockholm (1-0, Zola). The Monaco match was very troublesome and at last the Londoners gained with a final purpose from the Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet (1-0), an outdated acquaintance of the Spanish followers (he performed efficiently for Zaragoza from 1990 to 1997). And till right this moment. These three duels, two in the Recopa ultimate and one in the European Tremendous Cup, have been the solely continental clashes between Chelsea and Actual Madrid. Neither in the defunct European Cup nor in the Champions League have the faces been seen. Never, never, never. And that has been 65 years since the first version of the European Cup started, gained by Madrid at the Stade de Reims in Paris (4-3).Chelsea have a good time the European Tremendous Cup that beat Actual Madrid. 2613674. 535 In 1975 there was an enormous knockout spherical knockout match against Derby County. Unappealable defeat in the first leg 4-1 and the first of Madrid’s nice European comebacks on the return leg earlier than 120,000 followers. 4-1 in regulation time and Santillana’s purpose in additional time that eradicated the English.There was worse luck in 2006 against Arsenal, in the solely European confrontation with the Gunners. López Caro was the coach and the unhealthy ambiance of the workforce helped the Londoners. 0-1 in the first leg of the Bernabéu, with an ideal purpose from Henry. The return at Highbury was a need and to not have the ability and, regardless of a shot by Raúl to the publish, the preliminary 0-Zero didn’t transfer and Madrid was eradicated from the Champions League in the spherical of 16 …Actual Madrid’s steadiness against the English PerformedCattleTiedMisplacedObjectives forObjectives againstlast_img read more