Vermont Yankee narrows search for tritium leak

first_imgAlso helpful is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission web page on tritium monitoring:…(link is external)In other news, the Brattleboro Fire Department responded to the Vermont Yankee Training Center in Brattleboro late this afternoon for a report of minor smoke on the second floor.  In response to an automatic fire alarm, all Training Department employees relocated to the parking lot. The Fire Department is investigating and has allowed employees to return to the building. Vermont Yankee s Brattleboro Training Center is about nine miles north of the plant.Source: Entergy Vermont Yankee. 3.2.2010 Northstar Vermont Yankee,Vermont Yankee engineers and technicians continue their investigation into the source of tritium in the plant s groundwater. As reported by Vermont Yankee over the weekend, testing identified a leakage path that could allow water, which was previously found pooled in the Advanced Off Gas (AOG) pipe tunnel, to reach the soil. Although this pathway may eventually prove to be the source of tritium, Yankee said in a statement, engineers have not ruled out any possibilities and are considering all potential leakage pathways until planned testing is complete. Although successful draining of the AOG pipe tunnel eliminated any continued leakage via this path, an engineered catch basin has been installed to capture any further potential leakage encountered at the unearthed AOG tunnel.Planning continues to remove concrete blocks at the junction of the tunnel and the OG-100 drainline connection to allow for Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection of the tunnel. The inspection is designed to provide a visual inspection of conditions inside the tunnel. That test is expected to occur mid to late week.Engineering is also continuing plans to identify pipe and locations where guided wave technology can be used to inspect piping. Ultrasonic testing of the bottom of the Condensate Storage Tank to confirm its integrity is planned for early next week.The Vermont Department of Health and Nuclear Regulatory Commission personnel are at Vermont Yankee and are monitoring the investigation. Down hole geo-physics testing of six monitoring wells continues and will be completed later this week. The purpose of this testing is to determine the structure of the bedrock and will help engineers and hydrology experts to better understand how groundwater flows beneath the site. While this investigation continues, it is important to note that there has been no detectable tritium levels found in any samples taken from drinking water wells or the river.For more details on the tritium investigation, the Vermont Department of Health has a thorough status report on the investigation at this web link: is external)last_img

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