Appeal cautiously suspends Lightning sanctions for insults to Zozulia

first_imgThe Appeals Committee has lifted this Friday the sanctions against Rayo Vallecano for the Zozulia case, for now. The competition decision to fine the franjirrojo team with 18,000 euros, to close the stand responsible for insults to the Ukrainian striker of Albacete for the next two games and resume the Rayo-Albacete behind closed doors, it is suspended on a precautionary basis.To decide on the matter, the Committee gives the club more time to present and expand its appeal until January 14 and will study the sanctions later: “This Appeal Committee considers the content of the resource already raised and the rest of the documentation in the file insufficient to resolve the merits of the matter. Certainly, given that the appellant club announces the extension with in-depth arguments within the time frame that it has in place, this Committee considers it essential to assess those arguments announced to decide on a matter of special relevance such as the one that gives rise to the appeal filed before us ”, they affirm in the document. Thus the subscribers of the fund will be able to access the stadium of Vallecas already from the match against Girona this Sunday. LaBiga SmartBank* Data updated as of January 3, 2020 The complicated relationship between Zozulia and Vallecas began three years ago, when Lightning signed the striker, who then played at Betis. The team’s followers rejected the Ukrainian for allegedly posing with Nazi and fascist symbology and expressed their outrage during their first workouts. At the end, Zozulia gave up staying in Vallecas and returned to Betis where he remained without playing the rest of the season.The player returned to Vallecas to play the game on December 15, but the referee López Toca suspended him during the break “as a result of the display of banners and the songs delivered by a sector of the local fans against Zozulia”. On December 27 Competition sanctioned Lightning, something that the club president, Raúl Martín Presa, defined as “unfair.” “We are a victim and Lightning is being punished and fined. It is an atrocity to sanction the club with 18,000 euros for events that it has not been able to avoid, ”he said. With the suspension of the sanctions, Appeal grants the Lightning a moment of respite.See the full Appeal resolution.last_img

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