Jenni Hermoso: “If Madrid comes to add, welcome be”

first_imgIn the end the Tacon shirt has another shield. When it is Madrid everything will sell more. His arrival can join the League and I hope so, even if they are late. In women’s football we need people to help this grow. If Real Madrid comes to add, welcome be.After playing at Atleti and Barça, would you like to try the Real Madrid shirt?I have never been clear about what I am going to do next season. Here at Barça I am happy and I am where I want to be. In the future it will be seen. It could be Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano or any team. My present is in Barcelona and I will make the most of it. Why do you decide to return to Barça this summer?It was the soap opera of a very busy summer. Returning to Barça was an option that I always had in my head, despite the good year I signed with Atleti.She is the Spanish player of the moment. Did you ever imagine that you would reach this level?I never imagined it. I’ve been to different places, where I learned and matured a lot. Everything made me reach what I am now, based on work.Do you regret going to Switzerland or France?Now I tell you that I do not regret it, although there were many moments in which I regretted some decision. The year in Paris was overcoming in every way. I had no illusion for football and thought about quitting. I met another Jenni.What differences are there between Barça that he left in 2017 and the one he found this summer?Everything has changed. The level is much higher. We have a more compensated team in all positions.What is the key to the success of this team?We are all very clear about what we can contribute and how we can help. Let’s go to one, play who plays.Is there a contrast of playing before 32,068 people to do it normally before a thousand?It changes a lot. In a full field, it seems that you are physically different. Playing in San Mamés is one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced in football. His hobby deserves all the applause they give. At Johan Cruyff we are also getting a very good average attendance.How do you experience the rise of this category?We are seeing that the monitoring is increasing. In the World Cup people turned and have now been hooked on this category.It is said that the arrival of Madrid will help this growth. Is there any expectation for it? How do they face the match against Tacon after 9-1?It will be completely different. We should have enjoyed that 9-1 more, because the Tacon tomorrow is not going to leave us so many occasions. They have a very positive dynamic and it will be more difficult to win.After the Tacon, comes the Cup, the Super Cup, the Champions …Starting this month, a fairly strong tide is coming. Hopefully we will arrive in May in all the finals. We are preparing physically for it.He is in a great scoring form. Is there any secret?I have no secret. I always say that I am a player who has not been scoring goals. I like to play between the lines or give the pass. The goal scoring came to me at Barça, which put me forward and not false nine and had more chances to score. It was then that I stayed two seasons as a League pichichi. I still score goals, but I think I have more than a goal and I can give more to the team. I don’t want everything to be based on me scoring goals and work to make it happen.Do you have any mania before jumping into the field?I usually tie my boots two or three times before going out to the field. Until I see that my feet are squeezed equally I am not going quiet.How did football come to Jenni Hermoso?I always played in the park with my grandparents, to whom I always dedicated my goals because they continue to support me from above. When I was very young, I got into the school’s futsal team and when I couldn’t play anymore with children at age 12 I went to Atleti school. It all started there.His grandfather, who was also a footballer …Yes. He was the Atleti goalkeeper, the only athlete in the family. And, well, I am the second.They compare him a lot with Ibrahimovic …I have been told enough. I look like some tactical aspects. I wish he had his back to play like him.Who has been your reference?I always looked at players like Zidane, Solari or Mijatovic. Now, I also like Messi a lot.And his dream as a footballer?The first thing is to win the League and then it would be a dream to be in the Champions League final.How do you see your future after football?I believe that all my future will have to do a lot with football. I hope that the injuries respect me and that I continue to have many years of enjoyment. Now I want to think that I have a lot of football left on my feet. Jenni Hermoso poses for AS in the Sports City of Barça.Gorka Leiza – Diario AS The gift of the goal is an innate quality in Jenni Hermoso. The front easily finds the goal every time she puts her tight boots on the grass (she says she ties her laces several times until she feels the same pressure on both feet). And that, as she herself indicates in an interview with AS, her own are not goals. “I have not been to score goals. I like to play between the lines or give the pass,” he says. The Madrid, who returns this Saturday (16:30) to her homeland to measure herself at the Tacon, tells that she never imagined reaching this level, the one that keeps him as a pichichi since the previous season, when he raised the league title with Atleti. He left the club rojiblanco for Barça, in which he had already added two pichichis years ago, to continue shining. And, for now, he is getting it. In her boots there is a lot of goal or a lot of football, as she wishes it was for a long time. With 29 years, and if the injuries respect him, he will surely give us more than one goal thanks to a talent he learned in the streets of his neighborhood with his grandparents, to whom he now dedicates each of his triumphs game after game. 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