Two out of three Internet users believe that De Jong’s goal is well annulled users have it clear: the goal annulled to De Jong should not go up to the scoreboard. Almost two out of every three Internet users considered the decision of Martínez Munuera, the referee of Real Madrid-Sevilla, that land it has been worth the criticism of much of the sevillism. 65%, almost twenty thousand users, of the participants in our survey consider that the goal of the Dutch striker was anti-regulatory, while 35%, just over ten thousand, consider that the Valencian referee was wrong in his decision. De Jong’s goal went up to the scoreboard, but Martínez Munuera went to check it on the VAR monitor after receiving a notice from the VOR room. In the images you could see a Gudelj blockade on Militao that, not only prevents him from defending the play, but also knocks down the Brazilian, who was the marker of the Dutch battering ram. Finally, the Valencian referee decided to cancel De Jong’s goal, understanding that Gudelj had disregarded the ball in the play. Eduardo Iturralde González, arbitration analyst of AS and Carrusel Deportivo, explained the decision: “The tackle is prohibited in football. The Sevilla player makes a small movement to go for the Madrid player. In the regulation the blockade does not exist. Yes it is pita the blocking for me is missing. If we call this block via VAR, we must be attentive to whistle them all. The blockage is seen if there is movement of the forward towards the defender, it is not the same that you are still to move to plate“.last_img

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