Monchi and his Sevilla 2.0

first_imgThe ‘machine’ selects finally about 30 elected in each position, ideals for the game concept that exists at that time or is going to exist and also fulfilling the coach’s demand, in this case Julen Lopetegui. In a mea culpa as few assume in football, Monchi acknowledges the error of not having guessed what the coach asked for … As happened with Marcelino García Toral in 2012: “I feel largely guilty that Marcelino It won’t end up working in Sevilla. I did not know how to make a template with the necessary profiles for your game model “. With the new algorithm, create the gaditano, this will be much more difficult to happen.“Before, it was almost all by intuition. Now the data allows us to be sure in some aspects. But it is impossible to replace the human eye. It is clear that before signing a footballer for many millions, you have to see him many times on the pitch, and also to know other aspects of how the person is. Because the players are not Swiss watches, “says Monchi. The player from Cádiz talks about the footballer’s personal life. Diego Carlos, a calm and familiar center-back off the field, is a physical beast on the pitch. It cost 15 million and there are already teams that offer between three and four times more. In that case this Monchi 2.0 has not changed, Already in his first stage as sports director of Sevilla he managed to raise more than 200 million in capital gains. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 17, 2020 Monchi evolves and is revolutionized. Standard-bearer for Moneyball, the sports director of Seville returned to Nervión a year ago with the slogan of further improving if possible what had already worked almost like nowhere else in the world, that ability to sign almost unknown people and turn them into gold, within the fields and also in the international market. That is why it has set up, is still developing, an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Big Data department.No less than 18,000 footballers from all corners of the planet currently manage the technical secretariat of Seville thanks to technology. About 1,600 per position. “Big Data is the future or rather the present of soccer. Those who don’t take care of it will be left behind. The data reduces risk and helps us make decisions. It should be a tool to browse more easily, to intuit the price that a soccer player will have and also to try to know the risk of future injuries “, assures the King Midas of world soccer.last_img

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